“Tigers” for the month of March

Image: “Tigers” of the Month

“Tigers” of the Month (Cindy Sutherland)

The “Tiger of the Month” award is an incentive for students to learn and be the best they can be. Each month a student is chosen from each grade (pre-k thru 6th) and honored with the award. Pictures of the “Tigers of the Month” are displayed on the bulletin board down the the sixth grade hallway.

Are the students thrilled to have their pictures hung up? Absoluteley, they are. When I asked the “Tigers of the Month” if they like having their pictures on the bulletin board the consensus was, they were thrilled.

It is no surprise that the students chosen are excited and thrilled to be honored. The students chosen exhibit these characteristics: dependable, considerate, respectful, responsible, diligent and trustworthy.

For the month of March the “Tigers of the Month” were:

Gavin Ramirez – Pre-K
Cadence Ellis – Kindergarten
Evan Cunningham – First grade
Michaela Tillery – Second grade
Jayden Perkins – Third grade
Allie Higgs – Fourth grade
Colten Allen – Fifth grade
Hunter Ballard – Sixth grade

Congratulations “Tigers of the Month” – job well done!