Italy’s Anderson and Milford’s Vega play key roles during 2011 FCA Victory Bowl

Image: Milford’s, Rolando Vega(4), and Italy’s, Jasenio Anderson(11), join their Fellowship of Christian Athletes Red Teammates during the pre-game prayer before the start of the 2011 Super Centex Heart of Texas FCA Victory Bowl played at Baylor’s Floyd Casey Stadium in Waco.

Milford’s, Rolando Vega(4), and Italy’s, Jasenio Anderson(11), join their Fellowship of Christian Athletes Red Teammates during the pre-game prayer before the start of the 2011 Super Centex Heart of Texas FCA Victory Bowl played at Baylor’s Floyd Casey Stadium in Waco. (Barry Byers)

Waco, TX – June 11, 2011 — The third Annual, 2011 Super Centex Heart of Texas Fellowship of Christian Athletes (FCA) Victory Bowl featured many of Central Texas’s best football talent. The “Victory Bowl” serves as a major outreach, service and fundraising event for the Heart of Texas FCA ministry. In a contest between the FCA Red Team and FCA Blue Team, Italy’s, Jasenio Anderson, and Milford’s, Rolando Vega, played prominent roles during their Red Team’s 47-21 victory.

Anderson’s kick-off to start the game penned the Blue Team’s offense near their own endzone. Blue Team struggles to advance the ball and punts it away. Anderson then began the Red Team’s first offensive possession, as its shotgun quarterback, while Vega saw time as a wideout. Red Team also found it difficult to gain any yards and punted back to the Blue Team. Moments later, a juggling interception by Hico’s, Dylan Turner, who returned the pick 25-yards for the games first points, gave the Red Team a quick 6-0 lead with 5:41 to play in the first quarter. Anderson kicked in the point after to make the score 7-0.

Anderson’s ensuing kick-off soared end-over-end and landed 8-yards deep into the Blue Team’s endzone for a touchback. Red Team’s defense held and forced a Blue Team punt. Anderson again setup shop out of the shotgun at the Red’s own 49-yard line with 4:30 on the clock. A hard count by Anderson draws a defensive offsides penalty to setup third and five. Anderson then handed the ball to Dawson’s, Alex Shaw, on the next play who stretches for the first down.

Anderson fakes to Shaw on the next play and keeps to the 25-yard line of Blue for a 16-yard gain and a first down. Anderson was sacked on the following play but a facemask call gave Red a first down at Blue’s 15-yard line with 3:04 still to play in the first. After a loss of 2-yards, Shaw rumbles thru the middle of Blue’s defense for a first down at the 2-yard line, 2:20 showing. The next snap sails over Anderson’s head and he wisely covers the ball back at the sixteen.

Anderson keeps his composure and on second and goal from the sixteen, lobs a pass into the far left corner of the endzone to Abbott’s Joshua Hejl for Red’s second touchdown of the game. Again, Anderson kicks thru the point after and the Red Team leads 14-0 with under a minute remaining in the opening quarter.

Anderson kicks off for the third time and Blue Team keeps control of the ball as the game moves into the second quarter, but not for long. Red’s, Reagan Reich, of Hamilton, intercepts the Blue Team’s offense for Red’s second takeaway of the first half before being knocked out-of-bounds at Blue’s 27-yard line.

Jonathan Paysse, of Belton, takes the snap for the Red Team and comes out throwing. After an incompletion to McGregor’s, Kieran Wilson, Paysse completed back-to-back completions to Mart’s, Heath Harris, and Gatesville’s, Payton George, for a Red Team first down at Blue’s 10-yard line. Harris hauls in another Paysse pass at the 2-yard line. Marquette Wilson, of Hamilton, runs it in from there followed by an Anderson point after kick to make the score 21-0 in favor of the Red Team with 10:23 to play in the first half.

Anderson pooch kicks the ensuing kickoff and Blue covers at their own 39-yard line. Unable to move the ball, Blue punts it back to Red who begin at the Blue’s 45-yard line after a nice return by Mart’s, Anthony Martin. Paysse guides Red inside the twenty but the drive stalled at the 19-yard line after an offensive penalty. Copperas Cove’s, Daquon Bratcher, snaps to Paysse who holds as Anderson tries a field goal from there but the kick is blocked and veers just left of the uprights. Blue Team regains control of the ball with 7:26 left in the half, but still trail 21-0.

Moment’s later, Blue Team’s quarterback, Cameron Cutrer, of Corsicana, is sacked by Red’s, Kole Johnston, of Crawford, setting up a third and twenty-one from the 9-yard line. Cutrer throws deep but is picked off by Temple’s, Quinton Franklin who returns the ball near midfield. A block in the back penalty brings the ball back to Red’s 31-yard line with 4:06 showing before halftime.

Red eventually punts but Blue punts it right back. Martin returns the punt all the way to Blue’s 7-yard line with 0:36 remaining. Two plays later, Wilson runs in from 5-yards out for his second touchdown of the game. Anderson’s point after kick is off the mark and the score remains 27-0 at intermission.

Halftime —  Players representing the Blue Team, head coached by, Phil Castles of Corsicana High School, are introduced followed by player introductions of the Red Team, head coached by, Jack Welch of Copperas Cove High School. Anderson and Milford’s, Rolando Vega, step forward and wave to the crowd after their names are announced.

Cheerleaders perform dance routines across the Baylor University logo painted in the center of the field followed by a musical presentation by the 2011 FCA Victory Bowl Band.

Second half — Anderson kicks off to start the third quarter for the Red Team. Blue Team continues its struggles on offense and punts to Red. Returning to quarterback, Anderson hands to Shaw multiple times. On fourth and short, Blue Team’s defensive holds and takes over at midfield for their first possession of the second half. Several plays later, Teague’s Jake McClain, sprints around the right side for a 15-yard touchdown run. Colton Perkins, of Lampasas, is true on the point after and Blue tightens the score, 21-7, 7:00 to go in the third.

After the kickoff and on third down and twelve, Anderson completes a pass to Dawson’s, Nick Renfro, but the play falls short of a first down and Red Team punts it away. However, Blue muffed the punt and George recovers the fumble for the Red Team at Blue’s 21-yard line. On the very next play, Anderson connects with Renfro for a touchdown pass inside the right pylon. With the score 33-7, Vega tries the point after kick but the attempt drifts to the right and the score remains 33-7, 5:38 still to play in the third.

Vega kicks off in place of Anderson and booms the ball deep into Blue’s territory. After a penalty is marked off, Blue’s offense starts from their own 10-yard line. Two plays later, Red’s, Roderick Williams, of Hubbard, recovers a loose ball fumble on Blue’s 26-yard line at the 3:50 mark. Anderson breaks a run into the red zone setting up a touchdown run by Shaw on the following play. Vega’s second point after attempt clears the uprights and Red now leads 40-7.

Blue Team responds and Killeen’s, Royce Asi, runs in from 6-yards out on the final play of the third quarter. Perkins boots thru the point after to make the score 40-14 with the Red Team looking to seal the deal in the fourth.

Blue Team would strike again at the 8:00 mark of the final quarter. A quarterback sneak by Cutrer on fourth and goal for a touchdown, followed by the point after kick by Perkins, makes the score 40-21.

Late in the quarter, however, Paysse hits West’s, Heath Harris, with a pass inside the 5-yard line. Wilson carries the ball over the goaline from there for his third touchdown of the contest and Red Team goes up 46-21. Vega kicks thru the final point of the game and the Red Team goes on to win the third annual Super Centex Victory Bowl 47-21. In fact, Red previously won the first two Victory Bowls, 29-24 in 2009 and 20-14 in 2010. Therefore, Red’s 47-points scored marks the most points scored by one team in the short history of the Victory Bowl.

Italy’s, Jasenio Anderson, completed two touchdown passes (which ties the previous record set by Axtell’s, Weston Popham, in 2009) and successfully kicked in three point after attempts. Milford’s, Rolando Vega, kicked thru two point after attempts.

Temple’s, Marquette Wilson, rushed for three touchdowns (a new Victory Bowl individual touchdown record (3) and scoring record (18). Wilson received the 2011 Victory Bowl’s Bob McQueen Offensive M.V.P. Award presented to him by Heart of Texas FCA Director, Ben Johnson.

Johnson presented Hico’s, Dylan Turner, the Bob McQueen Defensive M.V.P. Award.

Johnson presented Robinson’s, Kendra Mueck, the Outstanding Cheerleader Award.

“The experience was great! I was off for three months and then barely had a week of practice but I was very pleased with my performance. Our coaches were awesome. If I could have brought my Gladiator teammates with me I would have. This has been the highlight of my summer,” commented, Italy’s, Jasenio Anderson, as he jogged away from football leaving an incredible career and scrapbook of memories behind him.

Jasenio would like to thank a few of his fans that helped him along the way: His uncle, Jontae Anderson and all his Stafford Elementary teachers, especially Judy Day and Mrs. Prowell. Coaches Craig Bales, Stephen Coleman, Jeff Richters and Larry Mayberry, Sr. who always had good advice on and off the court. Mrs. Vivian Moreland and Mrs. Tanya Parker. His father, Willie Henderson, and his mother, Shamelia Anderson. Michael Chambers with the First Baptist Church in Italy and pee-wee coaches Gary Wood and Jimmy Henry. Mark Stiles, the Haight Family, and Mark Souder, Sr. who once told Anderson, “God gave you the talent, use it,” which helped Anderson decide to play high school baseball. “I think about what Mr. Souder told me every day,” stated, Jasenio.

Italy Neotribune would like to give a special thanks to: Allison Maxwell, FCA Administrator


The Heart of Texas Fellowship of Christian Athletes third annual Super Centex Victory Bowl had over 2,000 in attendance and raised over 65,000, making the event a great success!

Central Texans now have a chance to view the game on KWTX News 10, the local CBS affiliate:Saturday, June 18 @ 1:00 p.m.

Starting on Monday, June 20, the Victory Bowl replay can also be seen on Time Warner’sCentral Texas On Demand (CTOD). This is free for all Time Warner customers.