Avalon Elementary Meet the Teacher Night

Image: These families are ready for school to start.

These families are ready for school to start. (Cindy Sutherland)

Last Thursday evening the Avalon Elementary was filled with enthusiastic students as they came to meet their teachers for the first time. They were carrying everything they needed to be ready for school to start on the following Monday. So many smiles and laughter could be seen and heard all down the hallways.

Mr. Del Bosque (superintendent), of course, was present beaming with pride over all the students. He said, “We are so excited that school is beginning. The students and staff are ready to give it their all once again and we are looking forward to more great things this school year.”

Miss Day (elementary principal) was glad to be there, she will be retiring this year and will be sorely missed. “I am so amazed at how much the students have grown over the summer. They are so happy to be here, I think they missed us. It will be another great year of school at Avalon ISD.”

Jennifer Holley teaches second grade and had this to say, “I love this school and I can’t wait until Monday for school to start. Tonight I am so excited to meet all my students and their parents.”

First grade teacher Debra Nelson said, “It is so great to have a whole classroom of new students. This is a new beginning to a new year and it will be great.”

Everyone is geared up for another terrific year at Avalon ISD.