Dr. David Del Bosque flying high

Image: Dr. Del Bosque is ready to take off!

Everyone knows how much Avalon ISD superintendent Dr. David Del Bosque loves Avalon and Avalon ISD. But what everyone might not know is he takes nature pictures of all the beautiful flowers, trees, animals and sunsets all around Avalon’s beautiful countryside. You might say photography is his hobby.

Avalon ISD has their 5th Annual Easter Egg Hunt

Image: Toni Darrough (first grader) is pictured here wearing her bunny hat.

Avalon ISD kick started the Easter Season off by being the first Easter Egg Hunt this year. Even though Monday evening was cold it did not stop anyone from coming out to hunt eggs. It was a pretty amazing sight when you looked over the school yard and saw over 4,000 eggs and masses of candy. The look of surprise and happiness in each face of the students gazing at all the eggs said it all.

A Passion for teaching

Image: Sue Morrison with her pre-K-3 students.

Have you ever heard of a teacher working for the same school for forty-one years, retire for two and return to teaching at the same school? Well, that is exactly what Sue Morrison has done at Avalon Elementary. She is now going on her forty-third year of teaching at Avalon ISD.

Together we make a difference

Image: Dr. DelBosque is very proud of Avalon ISD, the teachers, the students, the staff and the community.

August twenty seventh brings a brand new school year which means a brand new start for Avalon ISD. David DelBosque (superintendent) said, “This will be a Happy New Year. No, it is not December 31st but the first day of school also brings to us a brand new start. If we can dream it, imagine it or think it, it all can become attainable through hard work and working together.”

Avalon Elementary’s 4th six weeks awards assembly

Image: Itzel Guerrero is in Pre-K and received an award for A Honor Roll.

Oh boy, was there a lot of excitement in the old Avalon gym on last Friday afternoon! The gym was filled with excited boys and girls because for the first time at Avalon Elementary they were having an awards assembly and would be giving awards for good citizenship, Soaring Eagles (most improved grades), A honor roll, A B honor roll and AR points.

Principal Lee Joffre joins Italy ISD and Avalon ISD’s CBI class

Image: Jennifer Witeley (Avalon ISD CBI Teacher) helping her students shop.

Friday at David’s Supermarket you could see some very skilled shoppers making their way through the store. They were the CBI students from Italy High School and Avalon High School with Lee Joffre (Italy High School principal). They were busy hunting down various items on their shopping list.

Kids helping kids

Image: Calyn Davis (Student Council President) helped pass out fliers telling everyone about the blue jean drive. He is shown here helping  sort the jeans by size.

Everyone has been hearing about all the fires around our wonderful state of Texas. We have heard how the city of Bastrop has really been hit hard, lots of homes have been lost to the fires. And we sort of think only about the homes that have been lost and forget or don’t focus on the fact that most everything in the homes have been lost too. Like mementos, furniture, towels, clothing, all the basic necessities. Well, Avalon ISD decided to help the students in need of clothing at Bastrop ISD by collecting blue jeans.

Avalon Elementary Meet the Teacher Night

Image: These families are ready for school to start.

Last Thursday evening the Avalon Elementary was filled with enthusiastic students as they came to meet their teachers for the first time. They were carrying everything they needed to be ready for school to start on the following Monday. So many smiles and laughter could be seen and heard all down the hallways.

Through all obstacles

Image: Dr. David DelBosque — It took Mr. Del Bosque six years to complete his doctorate but his perseverance paid off. He is now Dr. Del Bosque.

David Del Bosque grew up in the small, south Texas town of Alice. His parents did not speak english. His father had a second grade education and his mother had a sixth grade education. So, little David did not know how to speak english when he started school. But now David Del Bosque has his doctorate in educational leadership.

Avalon Volleyball

Avalon volleyball won its district for the second year in a row. They had a bye for the first round and their first playoff game was against Ranger in the Area round last Saturday. They came up short against Ranger but are learning a lot every year.

David Del Bosque speaks out about school funding

Image: David Del Bosque — David Del Bosque truly cares of his students and all students. He would like to see fair funding for all students.

David Del Bosque (Avalon ISD Superintendent) is a member of Texas Association of Rural Schools. Last week Del Bosque was in Lubbock, Texas attending one of the conferences the Association puts on throughout the state. He did a presentation called Texas Public School Funding, The Target Revenue System and the Effect on a small District-Avalon ISD. He expressed his concern for the rural schools and he talked about how legislators need to make education a priority. His presentation focused on school funding and why it needs to be changed.

Avalon ISD urges legislators to make education a priority

Lawmakers must make education a priority this legislative session if they are to find a solution to the broken public school funding system in Texas. Avalon Independent School District adopted a resolution on September 23, 2010 in an effort to raise awareness of the growing financial crisis public school districts are facing. The resolution adoption encourages state legislators to work with local school board members and other stakeholders with an attitude of the highest priority.