“Going Home” — a book by Dr. Del Bosque of Avalon ISD

Image: Dr. Del Bosque displaying his book.

Dr. Del Bosque displaying his book. (Cindy Sutherland)

Have you ever had a close family pet that was just a part of your family? So close that when they died you were very sad and grieving? That is what happened to Dr. Del Bosque and his wife Neva.

A while ago they had a family dog that died and they missed him very much and were not ready for another dog when one, just, so to speak, ‘landed in their lap’. Neva was at the Avalon school and behind the cafeteria a bunch of kids were playing with the cutest stray dog. Neva called her husband (Dr. Del Bosque) and asked him to come to the school and take a look at this dog.

The dog had a chewed off red nylon leash attached to his collar. Upon seeing the dog they decided to take the dog home. Well, of course the Del Bosque’s fell in love with this dog, now known as Riley-Dirk. Upon taking him to the vet they found he had a chip in his ear. The vet was able to contact the owner. The owner had already replaced his dog and said the Del Bosque’s could keep Riley-Dirk, much to their relief — he was already family.

The amazing thing about Riley-Dirk is, his home was in Fort Worth. It took him three months to get from Fort Worth all the way to Avalon. This so inspired Dr. Del Bosque that he decided to write a children’s book based on Riley-Dirk. A book that would inspire children to persevere and never give up.

Going Home is the name of the book. The story is written from Riley-Dirk’s perspective. His story is one of innocence and perseverance. The best thing about this book besides teaching life lessons, is that all proceeds from the sale of the book go to the benefit of the children of Avalon. The Avalon ISD Human Resource Fund was created 10 years ago. This fund is a school activity fund to provide help to those in need. This is where the proceeds of the book will go.

If a parent lost his job, or someone’s house was destroyed by fire, straight line winds or other natural disasters, monies from this fund would be available to help fill a temporary need or helping hand to get them back on their feet.

All copies of the book will include a signature by Dr. Del Bosque on the inside cover. If you would like the book to be specifically personalized just include the names on your order form.

If you would like to purchase a book just call Avalon ISD at 972-627-3251 OR
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The books are $10.00 each and proceeds go to a very good cause.