Avalon ISD has their 5th Annual Easter Egg Hunt

Image: Toni Darrough (first grader) is pictured here wearing her bunny hat.

Toni Darrough (first grader) is pictured here wearing her bunny hat. (Cindy Sutherland)

Avalon ISD kick started the Easter Season off by being the first Easter Egg Hunt this year. Even though Monday evening was cold it did not stop anyone from coming out to hunt eggs. It was a pretty amazing sight when you looked over the school yard and saw over 4,000 eggs and masses of candy. The look of surprise and happiness in each face of the students gazing at all the eggs said it all.

At five o’clock the National Honor Society and the National Jr. Honor Society students with smiling faces served up hotdogs, chips, cookies and sweet tea to all that wanted it. Students, parents and staff members were lined up out the door for this good, old fashioned hotdog meal.

And of course the Easter Bunny showed up in fine fare sporting his blue vest and bow tie. Much to the student’s delight the Easter Bunny was happy to have each student sit on his lap and have their pictures taken with him. Occasionally a parent or two could be seen on the Easter Bunny’s lap too!

Then the big race was ready to begin. The race for the Easter Eggs was on and the students were raring to go. It was get ready, set, go and all the students went flying across the school yard gathering as many eggs and candy as they could. It was quite an exciting sight to see.

Sondra Berneking and the National Honor Society and National Jr. Honor Society stuffed over 4,000 eggs! Sandra said, “I have been helping with this for all five years. It is so much fun for the kids which makes it all worth it. It is a great way to reach out to the community and bring everyone together.”

Melissa Gil (Pre-K4 teacher) was thrilled with the turnout this year and said, “I have been organizing this since the beginning and everyone does such a great job making it a success. Timothy and James Cashion cooked 400 hotdogs. Everyone works together to make it a fun time for everyone.”

“I saw a lot of Easter Egg Hunts in surrounding towns and Avalon didn’t have one. We thought it would be a great way to bring families together and have a good time at school and that is the way it all started. This year is the best one so far. Everyone outdid themselves with over 4,000 eggs and candy donated for the kids to hunt,” explained Dr. Del Bosque (superintendent) when asked how the annual Easter Egg Hunt came about.