Avalon Elementary’s 4th six weeks awards assembly

Image: Itzel Guerrero is in Pre-K and received an award for A Honor Roll.

Itzel Guerrero is in Pre-K and received an award for A Honor Roll. (Cindy Sutherland)

Oh boy, was there a lot of excitement in the old Avalon gym on last Friday afternoon! The gym was filled with excited boys and girls because for the first time at Avalon Elementary they were having an awards assembly and would be giving awards for good citizenship, Soaring Eagles (most improved grades), A honor roll, A B honor roll and AR points.

Each time a student’s name was called everyone in the gym cheered them on and the crowd was greeted with huge smiles from the recipients of the awards. These students were so proud of themselves and proud they should be, there were many, many awards handed out.

Jody Tennery (Avalon Elementary principal) smilingly said, “I was very proud of how many A and AB honor roll students we had. Our kids have worked really hard and they have done great things. We just have some of the best kids in the state of Texas as far as I am concerned. This is the first year we have ever had an awards assembly. When I took over in January I decided to do the six weeks awards. This is the first time it has ever been done as far as I know. The kids just lit up every time their names were called. That is why I did this because I think a little bit of recognition goes a long way and it then inspires others to do great things.”

The award winners are:

Ms. Morrison Pre-K3

  • Citizenship Award – Lucas Rogers
  • Most Improved – Tristan Comacho
  • Academic Awards – Audrey Brown, Chase Blalock, Julio Loera, Kade Johnson and Kendra Roath

Ms. Gill – Pre-K4

  • Soaring Eagle – Ludy Ledesma & Hannah Teague
  • Citizenship – Addyson Wright & Jacob Lightsey
  • A Honor Roll – Brooklyn Barrett, Baylee Brewester, Michelle Contreras, Madalie Gardner, Dina Guerrero, Karime Guerrero, Itzel Guerrero, Skylynn Hernandez, Kaden Houdek, Cyleigh Mahone, Lilly Carty, Jax Olsen, Roman Palacios and Addyson Wright
  • AB Honor Roll – Nancy Esquivel, Jacob Lightsey, Bobby Luckie, Tehya Morris, Monroe Spurlock, Ireland Sutton and Hannah Teague

Ms Deans – Kindergarten

  • A Honor Roll – Hailey Zaidle and Hailey Burroughs
  • AB Honor Roll – Nicholas Ferman, Ashley Gwin, Korin Hall, Anthony Narvaiz and Trevor Rogers
  • Citizenship – Linda Martinez
  • Soaring Eagle – Trevor Rogers

Ms. Nelson – First Grade

  • Top AR – Gracyn Hopper – 31.5 points
  • A Honor Roll – Annie Jane Adams, Kevin Magness, Zoe Morgan-Beemer, Katelyn Narvaiz and Destini Stroud
  • AB Honor Roll – Daniela Elizondo, Gracyn Hopper Levi Meier, Evan Moon, Colby Ormelas, Emma Rodrigue and Melany Salazar
  • Citizenship – Emma Rodrigue
  • Soaring Eagle – Colby Ornelas

Ms. Holley- Second Grade

  • Top AR – Nathan Rankin – 127.5 points
  • A Honor Roll – Ilene Ferman, Marisol Guerrero, Mackenzie Langley, Kaylee Gill, Kimree Gill and Nathan Rankin
  • AB Honor Roll – Christopher Burroughs, Alexis Contrerras, Xavier Gutierrez, Gabriel Pacheco, Jessy Morones, Dylan Ozymy, Jolie Olsen, Angelica Thompson and Lexi Wilson
  • Soaring Eagle – Isaac Rodriguez
  • Citizenship – Christopher Burroughs

Ms. Hernandez – Third Grade

  • Top AR – Riley Meier – 107 points
  • Soaring Eagle – Tristan Smith
  • Citizenship – Alondra Cervantes
  • A Honor Roll – Rigan Allmon, Adrian Lopez, Timmy Nelson and Scout Ragland
  • AB Honor Roll – Alondra Cervantes, Mackenzie Grimes, Christian Gutierrez, Brianna Hinojosa and Riley Meier

Ms. Pustejovsky – Third Grade

  • A Honor Roll – Jacob Gardner, Joselyn Lopez, Kammie Magness, Lane Murray, Prestyn Turbeville and Meredith Zaidle
  • AB Honor Roll – Andres Rodriguez, Elizzabeth Rodriguez,Kylee Simmons, Bryan Faber, Jacob Rodrigue, Myka Moon, and Andrea Elizondo
  • Soaring Eagle – Andres Rodriguez
  • Citizenship – Elizzabeth Rodriguez
  • Top AR – Joselyn Lopez – 215 points

Ms. Low – Fourth Grade

  • Top AR – Jacqueline Lopez
  • A Honor Roll – Kaylea Davis and Dillon Martin
  • AB Honor Roll – Jacqueline Lopez, Kayla Campbell, Rody Meier, Miguel Padron, Aleiya Morin, Kristen Ozymy, Lindsay Rankin, Wyatt Hall and Paola Elizondo
  • Soaring Eagle – Tony Ledesma
  • Citizenship – Kristen Ozymy

Ms. Marshall – Fifth Grade

  • A Honor Roll – Esmeralda Guerrero
  • AB Honor Roll – Josh Bratcher, Hailey Duckett, Alexis Lopez, Valerie Martinez, Sabrina Ragland, Abigail Reyes, Brandon Koopman and Abigail Rodriguez
  • Top AR – Zachary Anthony – 286 points
  • Soaring Eagle – Jerry Salazar
  • Citizenship – Josh Bratcher
  • Soaring Eagle – Jerry Salazar

Ms. Carter – Science 

  • Fifth Grade Science Soaring Eagle – Sabrina Ragland
  • Fourth Grade Science Soaring Eagles – Mathew Ozymy and Lindsey Rankin

Ms. Whitely – CBI Class 

  • Citizenship – Joshua Frost
  • A Honor Roll – Luke Bowman, Joshua Frost, Jonathan Ingram, Trevor McEwen and Baylee Sharp
  • AB Honor Roll – Sosha Davis
  • Perfect Attendance – Trevor McEwen and Joshua Frost
  • Top AR – Trevor McEwen – 39.4 points
  • Soaring Eagle – Sosha Davis
Congratulations Avalon students-keep up the good work!