Jody Tennery Avalon elementary’s new principal

Image: Jody Tennery is enjoying his new position as elementary principal for Avalon ISD.

Jody Tennery is enjoying his new position as elementary principal for Avalon ISD. (Cindy Sutherland)

Jody Tennery has worked for Avalon ISD for twelve years teaching high school spanish, english, junior high reading, elementary P.E. and was district assistant principal for three years. Now he has been promoted to elementary principal and is loving his new position.

“I really enjoy working with elementary kids because they are so eager to please, eager to do the right thing. They want to make the teacher happy, want to make everybody happy. So that is why I really enjoy working with them. I love seeing their cute little smiling faces. I see them every morning when I greet them at the door as they come into school. I want to help them start their day out right. I make a point everyday to let them know we are glad they are here. I think that a lot of kids have different struggles at home so I think their day will start out right if some one will make it happen. I will always say, ‘It is great to see you today’,” said Tennery.

When asked what was the difference between being assistant principal and principal, Tennery replied, “I guess the difference is a bigger responsibility to make sure the kids get everything they need, make sure they get the best education possible. That responsibility falls more on my shoulders as principal and I welcome it. I am glad to take on this responsibility to make sure the teachers have everything they need to make our students successful. It is everybody’s job around here from the janitor all the way up to the superintendent to make sure these kids are successful and get what they need.”

He went on to say, “Also there are more administrative duties that come with being principal. Ensuring the kids get what they need, getting the students prepared for the new STAAR test, putting together standardized testing and lots of researching for the best possible teaching programs.”

Tennery graduated from UTA with his bachelors degree in English Language Arts and went on to get his masters degree in Education Administration at Lamar University. He has been married to his wife Gina for eighteen years and they have two children, Luke, twelve years old and Clair, six years old and they both attend Avalon ISD.

“I think Avalon School is wonderful. I graduated from a big high school and I would only want my children to go to a small school setting. I love it. Avalon ISD is a fantastic place. Everyone here has the kids’ best interest at heart. It is a great place to work and great people to work with. David DelBosque is the greatest superintendent there is. He will do everything possible when it comes to the needs of the students that is first and foremost for him. I think he does a fantastic job. The kids are wonderful, we have some of the most well mannered, best behaved students. We have wonderful kids over here. Teaching is more than just teaching the facts. We want to teach our children to think and to think for themselves. I see teaching as more than just giving the kids the facts. Our teachers are really good at teaching our students to think.” answered principal Tennery when asked what he thought about Avalon ISD.