Dr. David Del Bosque flying high

Image: Dr. Del Bosque is ready to take off!

Dr. Del Bosque is ready to take off! (Cindy Sutherland)

Everyone knows how much Avalon ISD superintendent Dr. David Del Bosque loves Avalon and Avalon ISD. But what everyone might not know is he takes nature pictures of all the beautiful flowers, trees, animals and sunsets all around Avalon’s beautiful countryside. You might say photography is his hobby.

Recently, Dr. Del Bosque was flying high in a helicopter where he was able to take beautiful aerial pictures of the countryside and of all the students lined up on Avalon ISD’s football field in the shape of letter A. Jody Tennery (principal), Tony Hernadez (assistant principal) Kristopher Marshall (high school principal) and of course Dr. Del Bosque were the lucky ones to take a ride in the helicopter.

Avalon ISD put in a new security system with Lone Star Communications. Dr. Del Bosque explained, “I have always had a love for the views of rural places and the countryside vignettes that one sees when you may travel. Having been in Avalon for 20 years now has only strengthened that love and admiration I have for what rural America means to all of us in our daily lives. It is about the clothes on our back, the food that we eat, the materials we work with — all of which we may take for granted on any given day. Rural America gives so much to everyone through its land and farm production. I also treasure the simplicity and the beauty it shows us if we are open to see it. I became fascinated with the growth of the sunflower fields surrounding our school this past season and began taking pictures of the plant development. It turned into a special project for me that I enjoyed documenting. I posted all of it on Facebook to bring my friends along for the experience. I was even invited to ride the combine when they were harvested just so that I could be there for the final step! That was great fun!”

He continued, “That is how the helicopter ride came to be. I had one of my sunflower pictures on my computer screen and had a meeting with one of our school security representatives about a finished project. He saw some of my other pictures and said that would be great to see from the air – and I agreed, especially to see the district and the surrounding land of our students! Then he said he thought he could arrange a helicopter flight to see all of that. He called the next week to ask us about a date because they wanted to do something special. That is how the idea of the students making the A on the football field came to pass. It was a chance to do something special for our student body. It was a fun and relaxed afternoon treat for all of us — adults and students.”

Dr. Del Bosque just didn’t know what a job it was getting all the kids in that A shape out on the football field. And boy was that a sight to behold. Everyone trying to get in the right position to form this A. I heard someone say they needed the geometry teacher out there to give them a hand!

Just another day of fun at Avalon ISD!