Elsabe Munger teaching 2nd grade at Avalon Elementary

Image: Elsabe Munger is ready to start giving her 2nd graders a good school experience.

Elsabe Munger is ready to start giving her 2nd graders a good school experience. (Cindy Sutherland)

Elsabe Munger is no stranger to Avalon Elementary. She was a substitute teacher last year and this year she is the 2nd grade teacher. She is so excited, it is her first time to teach 2nd grade.

Munger was born and raised in South Africa and graduated from Botha Ville High School in South Africa. While in High School she was a member of the student council. She furthered her education and graduated from South Africa University of the First State where she earned her bachelor’s degree in Education. She majored in English and Biology.

When asked what for goal was for her second graders this year Munger replied, “I want them to have fun in the classroom, enjoy learning by doing fun things. I want them to be inquisitive and independent learners. I want them to learn that school is nice. It doesn’t have to be difficult or a chore.”

Elsabe loves Avalon Elementary, she explained, “I love it here. I was greeted with open arms and enjoy every minute of teaching here. This has been an extremely pleasant experience. The teachers and staff are so very supportive and fun.”

“One day I would like to teach high school biology. I love biology and would love the chance to get back into it by teaching,” explained Elsabe when asked if she had any aspirations of teaching older students.

Elsabe met her husband at Billy Bob’s while visiting her Dad in Texas. She and Lance have been married for two years. On their off time they enjoy going to the hill country and dancing. Elsabe enjoys making jewelry and gardening.

Another great addition to Avalon Elementary!