Stafford Elementary Book Fair

Image: Everyone is busy looking at all the books.

Everyone is busy looking at all the books. (Cindy Sutherland)

That favorite time of year is upon us again, school has started and it is time for the yearly Book Fair at Stafford Elementary.

This fun time event took place on Tuesday night in the library with so many books, teachers, parents, grandparents and students galore.

Not only were there books, but there was the “Book Walk” game. This game is played like musical chairs. The music started playing and the kids starting quickly walking, keeping close to the chairs at all times. When the music stopped they dashed for a chair. A name was drawn out of the hat and whose ever name was drawn won a free book. This brought many smiles to many kid’s faces!

This goes along with the idea of keeping children reading, keeping books in the hands of kids, which is what the book fair is all about.

Sharan Farmer (librarian) heads this book fair up every year with Felicia Burkhalter (library aide). Mrs Farmer said, “Tonight is Family Night for the book fair. We have parents and grandparents coming so they have an opportunity to shop for books for the kids. The whole purpose is to get books in the hands of students. The theme this year is ‘Reading is Out of This World’, so we have decorated accordingly with a Star Wars motif. We have many books to chose from. We have picture books, chapter books, non fiction books, Pre-school books, ‘Laugh Out Loud’ fun books and Holiday books. We are just ready to get everyone reading again.”

There were many teachers on hand to help the students pick the right book for them. Charlotte Morgan (1st grade teacher) said, “I am here tonight supporting our wonderful book fair. Sharan Farmer and Felicia Burkhalter have done an amazing job putting this together. Every year they are able to pull families and the community together and that is why it will be successful each and every year.”

Another wonderful day of learning and reading at Stafford Elementary!