Stepping it up at Stafford


As Stafford Students step from good to great, we feel that our campus’ appearance should mirror our changing attitude.

This year we have organized a Beautification Committee at Stafford.  We have met and are more than excited about all the new ideas and plans that we have to help improve the appearance and atmosphere at our school.

We are going to begin with working in the courtyard area.  We would like to set up a commons area for the 6th grade students to enjoy during lunch along with the other students during different learning times. The plans are to repaint the gazebo, replace the old concrete tables and benches with new wooden ones, and focus on the landscaping in that area.

Our committee would also like to see our students benefit from more hands-on learning and thought that adding a garden area would be a great first step.  The playground equipment is in great need of repair and improvement as well as the overall appearance of the hallways inside the building.  We are excited to announce that there are already plans in motion to have the inside spruced up with fresh, colorful, bright paint!

Our goal at Stafford is to provide each and every child with the best education and most friendly learning environment possible.  They all work so hard for us everyday so we believe it is time to give back to them.

The lack of finances is a major setback for our great plans therefore, we are asking for the support of the community and businesses to help give this gift to our students.  If you would like to donate items such as paint, lumber, cross-ties, plants, other needed items, or money, it would be greatly appreciated by all of the students and staff at Stafford Elementary.

You are welcome to contact any of the Beautification Committee members,  if you have any questions or ideas. We look forward to your support!  

Beatification Committee Members
Delaine Meeks ([email protected])
Jennifer Aguado ([email protected])
Leslie Allen ([email protected])
Angie Janek ([email protected])
Rochelle Hellner ([email protected])
Tracy Williams ([email protected])
Jason Miller, Principal ([email protected])