Charlotte Morgan -Stafford Elementary First Grade Teacher


Charlotte Morgan has been teaching first grade for about twenty-two years at Stafford Elementary and credits Mr. George Scott (a past Italy ISD superintendent) and her husband John Morgan for her success.

Mr. Scott encouraged her to go back to college and get her degree in education. She had been working as a teachers aid for two years at Stafford Elementary. Upon graduation she started teaching at Stafford and has been there ever since.

When she presented the idea about going back to school to her husband he said “go for it”. Morgan said, “When I would start to get discouraged and thought I just can’t do this he would tell me that I could do it and to keep going for it. He encouraged me every step of the way.”

When asked what was the best thing about teaching she replied, "Just to see the expression on the student’s faces when they “get it”, when the proverbial light bulb turns on. They finally understand what I had been trying to teach them and they are so happy and excited. It makes my day and my job all worth it."

Morgan compared her job to being a doctor, she explained, “A doctor has to listen to the patient and find out what the problem is and find out what kind of medicine or medical treatment that will work for this individual patient. A teacher has to listen to their student and figure out what the best teaching method is for her individual student to learn and succeed. Everyone does not learn the same way. What works for one student won’t work for another.”

When asked what was the most rewarding thing about teaching, she replied, “The most rewarding thing to me about teaching is when at the end of the year they are prepared to go to the next grade. They came to me with an empty ‘package’ and now it is full of all the information they need to succeed in the next grade.”

Mr. Miller (principal) is very happy to have Charlotte Morgan teaching at Stafford Elementary. He said, “She represents the kind of teacher every school would want. She is a natural leader. While she is not an egotistical person, she does possess a demeanor that assures you she is in charge and she knows her craft – educating children.”

We are glad you are here Charlotte Morgan!