Stafford Elementary’s Fourth Six Weeks Honor Assembly

Image: Austin Cate is receiving his award.

Austin Cate is receiving his award. (Cindy Sutherland)

Tuesday morning the Stafford Elementary gymnasium was filled with smiling students, smiling teachers and proud parents, grandparents and relatives. It was the fourth six-weeks awards assembly and talk about a lot of awards! There were awards for excellent conduct, perfect attendance, good citizenship, AB honor roll and A honor roll.

Kaitlin Rossa (Italy ISD senior) spoke to the students and said, “We as graduating seniors want the students to fill our shoes. We want them to be good examples like most of my classmates at Italy High School have been.”

Kaitlin will be playing basketball for the Southwestern University in Georgetown, Texas after graduating from Italy High School. “After I graduate college I would like to go to law school. I really want a law degree and maybe a sports center along the way,” explained Kaitlin.

Mr. Miller had a surprise for the students this six-weeks. He had prizes for perfect attendance. He had a bike for a boy and a baby doll for a girl. Evan Chin won the bike and Lindsey Munoz won the baby doll with lots of accessories.

Mr. Miller (Stafford principal) proudly said, “Again, we are trying to recognize all the students. They have been getting here on time and that is a big thing. The students did well academically as well as having good attendance. There were many students that qualified for the prizes for good attendance but we can only draw two names. We will continue to do this over the next six weeks. The students are doing excellently.”

First Grade

All A’s 4th Six weeks:

Adyson Mathers
Isabel Morales
Antonio Procopio
Kendria Wallace
Noelle Anderson

Cla Autry
Bryce Ballard
Kross Cate
Morgan Chambers
Jake Hamby

Marc Ayala
Jacob Coers
Taylor Sparks
Easton Viator
Jada Williams

All A’s and B’s 4th Six weeks:

Evie South
Gabriel Perez
Canaan Richters
Georgina Salazar
Marial Davis

Christian Martinez
Erin Roberts
Rosa Rodriguez
Dustyn Rose
Jesus Solis

Jay Copeland
Kendraya Johnson
Adrien Rodriguez
Chance Shaffer

Second Grade

All A’s 4th Six weeks:

Aaron Cardosa
Evan Cunningham
Emily De La Hoya
Farrah Eglich
Zoe Hogan

Chase Hypes
Emily Janek
Mikayla Venable
Kristina Cryer

Omar De La Hoya
Sadie hinz
Kaitlyn Wims
Alyssa Wiser

All A’s and B’s 4th Six weeks:

Charley Bolin
David Martinez
Nathen Sandoval
Karley Sigler

Skylar De La Rosa
Garrett Everett
Xzavier Green
Brianna Hall

Kourtni Kimmens
Jesus Luna
Tello Salazar
Kinzi Whatley

Third Grade

All A’s 4th Six weeks:

Brooke Gage
Destiny Harris
Noah Johnson
Emma Martinez
Guadalupe Morales

Rusty Ragle
Andrew Celis
Rocklin Ginnett
Grant Hamby

Kort Holley
Creighton Hyles
Reese Janek
Hailey Routson
Catie South

All A’s and B’s 4th Six weeks:

Aiden Brewer
Nick Dorazil
Xander Galvan

Gage Wafer
Ty Beets

Mitchell Darrell
Kandy Hernandez

All B’s 4th Six weeks:

Bryce DeBorde

Haylee Mathers

Jesse Perez

Fourth Grade

All A’s 4th Six weeks:

Hannah Carr
Madelyn Chambers
Lexi De La Rosa
Andrea Galvan
Michael Gonzalez
Colby Hampton

Hunter Hinz
Kim Hooker
Karmen Lawson
Sydney Lawenthal
Jayden Perkins
Courtney Riddle

Alex Jones
Rose Kennimer
Erik Martinez
Grace Payne
Arely Salazar

All A’s and B’s 4th Six weeks:

Hannah Coffman
Jaylon Davis
Jesus Enriquez
Colton Heddins
Shaniaya Johnson
Bryson May

Alexya Molina
Kelli Ragle
Michael Russel
Tyler Russell
Tanner Chambers
Damajea Houston

Jordan Luna
Rigo Muoz
Parker Ritchers
Brennon Sigler
Aliyah Turner
Wyatt Ballard

Fifth Grade

All A’s 4th Six weeks:

Lana Beets
La Jada Jackson
Abigail Gage

Cassidy Gage
Isaac Garcia

Karson Holley
Savannah Lewis

All A’s and B’s 4th Six weeks:

Mark Hernandez
Jillane Perez
Adam Powell
Juliette Salazar

Wesley Helms
David Williams
Cason Roberts

Rhett Hoegger
Tatum Adams
Karley Nelson

Sixth Grade

All A’s 4th Six weeks:

Marlen Hernanadez
Garrett Janek
Kirby Nelson
Jenna Holden

Peter Johnson
Chris Munoz
Jennifer Ramirez

Emily Cunningham
Hunter Morgan
Annie Perry

All A’s and B’s 4th Six weeks:

Maegan Connor
Clay Riddle
Cade Roberts

Zoe Hall
Brycelen Richards

Antonio Salazar
Kirsten Viator

Congratulations Stafford students, keep up the good work!