Jane Medrano loves teaching math

Image: Jane Medrano, math teacher at Stafford Elementary

Jane Medrano, math teacher at Stafford Elementary (Cindy Sutherland)

Jane Medrano has been teaching for twelve years. She has taught for six years for Italy ISD. Her first two years at Italy ISD she taught seventh and eighth grade math, also teaching eleventh grade math models and also taught TAKS remediation. Her next four years she has taught math at Stafford Elementary.

Before Jane was a teacher she was working for a company training people on the phone for technical support problems. Essentially she was teaching adults. She decided since she is already teaching she really would rather teach children.

After her high school graduation she started her collage education. She married her high school sweetheart Jerry Medrano and had two children, Jerri Anne and Cody. She had put her college education on hold until her kids went to school.

Her next step was to go back to college and get her teaching degree. She graduated from Texas A&M Commerce with a bachelors degree and a masters degree and the rest is history.

“The best thing about teaching is when the students ‘get it’, their eyes light up as if to say ’Oh Yea “. And to know that you were able to make an impact on their education, be part of the process,” explained Medrano when asked what was the best thing about teaching.

When asked what she thought about Stafford Elementary, she replied, “Stafford is a phenomenal campus in that over the last few years we have had many changes but the team, the teachers, the para-professionals even the janitorial and custodial staff have all come together and made sure that there wasn’t any detours or any lower expectations for our students. Through all of it everyone has pulled together and maintained great standards at Stafford. If I had to rate it as a school I definitely would have to say that we are Exemplary even though our test scores may only reflect Recognized. I don’t think any test score can tell what teachers, para-professionals, and principals go through to survive a year. And when you have so much change it is often difficult to realize what your end rating was if you don’t actually know what actually happened. It is sort of like walking in someone else’s shoes you can’t actually make a decision on what you think they are. In my opinion Stafford is phenomenal, it is Exemplary.”

“Mrs. Medrano is an educational risk taker. If what she wants to do is not quite the way it is usually done, she will risk doing it anyhow to benefit the students. She is courteous, professional and always willing to go that extra mile,” raved Mr. Miller (Stafford Elementary principal).

We are glad you are here, Jane Medrano, teaching our kids.