Jennifer Aguado now teaching kindergarten

Image: Jennifer Aguado, Stafford Elementary kindergarten teacher

Jennifer Aguado, Stafford Elementary kindergarten teacher (Cindy Sutherland)

Jennifer Aguado has always taught school at Stafford Elementary. Why would you ever leave when you have the best of everything? Best students, best parents, best teachers, principal and staff. That is exactly what Jennifer Aguado thinks about Stafford Elementary.

She has taught school for eight years, seven of which she taught pre-K and now this year she is teaching kindergarten. When asked what she thought about teaching kindergarten Aguado replied, “I love it. I love teaching them reading and spelling and they are doing so well. I am very proud of them. I get to have fifteen students two years in a row. Fifteen of my pre-K students are now in my kindergarten class. I get to see them grow and succeed. I get to see their parents, I feel like they are family. The difference between pre-K and kindergarten is in pre-K they want to learn and in kindergarten they are able to learn.”

When asked what was the best thing about teaching she replied, “Getting to experience a skill or activity that is new to them through their eyes.”

Aguado loves kids, before she was teaching she always had a child on her hip. “I always loved kids and love them more now. I have always wanted to be a teacher and at a young age knew I wanted to work with kids. It all started for me when I filled in for Miss Williams (past pre-K teacher) when she was diagnosed with breast cancer. I was emergency certified the next year, subbed for a year, went to A&M Commerce and received my degree.”

When asked what she wanted the kids to take from her class Aguado responded, “A love of learning and an eagerness to achieve.”

Jennifer is married to a Corsicana fireman, Tony Aguado and together they have four children, Madison, Maddox, Megan and Sydney.

“Mr. Miller is my hero but more than that he is the student’s hero. They just love him. He teaches them discipline and love at the same time,” explained Aguado.

“Teaching is what I want to do and I cannot imagine what else I would ever want to do.”

“Mrs. Aguado enjoys her job. As an educator she has a sense of purpose, expectations of all of her students, and demonstrates a willingness to adapt and change to meet students needs,” explained Mr. Miller (Stafford Elementary principal).

Glad you are here Jennifer Aguado!