Nowhere Else But Texas

Image: First three promenade!

First three promenade! (Cindy Sutherland)

Every year the Stafford second graders put on the production of Nowhere Else but Texas! And once again they did a terrific job. Hats off to Mrs. Mandrell and Mrs. Shepard on putting together this wonderful performance.

Of course all the cutest little second graders you ever saw were all up on stage giving it there all. So much excitement could be seen in their faces and heard in their songs. They sang and danced with enthusiasm and pride.

Some of the songs they sang were: Cotton Eyed Joe, One Night While I Lay Sleeping, Texas our Texas, Nowhere Else But Texas, Deep in the Heart of Texas and God Bless the USA.

But that was not all, oh no! They not only sang but they also recited the poem “Look What’s Waving” and said the Texas pledge “Honor the Texas Flag.”

Plus, they did some great square dancing, complete with all the do-si-do’s, promenade, Cotton Eyed Joe and twirlers, shufflers and ropers! Quite a sight to behold with smiling dancers all decked out in their western wear.

The program ended with everyone singing God Bless America.

Jan Shepard (second grade teacher) said, “We are studying about our great state of Texas and this program just seems to tell it all. We have worked on this for about two weeks.”

Another great day at Stafford Elementary.