Stafford Elementary kindergarten Easter Egg Hunt

Image: Getting ready to go on the big hunt!

Getting ready to go on the big hunt! (Cindy Sutherland)

What better way to start the Easter weekend than to have an Easter Egg hunt with all your friends at school. Stafford kindergartners sure thought that this was a wonderful idea. They could not sit still in their classroom for all their excitement.

All over the play yard were colored eggs, candy eggs and a special golden egg. Miss Aguado’s class could not run fast enough once she said “GO.” You should have seen them, running and yelling ‘I found one’ could be heard everywhere.

Mrs. Aguado said, “We have such good Easter bunnies in my class. They always bring so many goodies so we are having a great day today hunting for Easter Eggs. The students are having a great time and we had a beautiful day for our egg hunt.”

Another great day at Stafford Elementary!