Look who got Mr. Miller with a pie!

Image: Thumbs up to all the kids that had perfect attendance.

Thumbs up to all the kids that had perfect attendance. (Cindy Sutherland)

Look out everyone here comes the man in the big gray trash bag! Who is it you might ask? It is no other than Jason Miller (Stafford Elementary principal) ready to take on those pie throwing Stafford Tigers.

One of Mr. Miller’s goals is to have every student learn how important it is to come to school. His philosophy is, if you aren’t in school, you are not learning. He is really working toward the students having perfect attendance. So, of course he is going to make it so much fun that the kids don’t want to miss a day of school.

So, it went down like this:

If you had perfect attendance from March 19th through April 13th you got to be one of the lucky students to watch Mr. Miller get a pie thrown in his face. And your name would be put in the “hat” and you would have a chance of being one of the lucky Tigers to “cream” Mr. Miller.

The first name drawn out of the “hat” was Creighton Hyles. He was the first one to push a pie in Mr. Millers face. The shouting, the clapping of hands and laughter thundered through the Stafford Elementary gymnasium. These Tigers were just having the time of their life.

The second lucky student was Adam Powell. And boy did he give it to Mr. Miller. He actually rubbed the pie in his face.

The third lucky student was Haley Mathers. Now she was probably the most timid of these feisty pie throwers. But all the students were cheering her on and she finally put the pie in Mr. Miller’s face.

And even Jeanette Janek (Title I reading teacher) got in on the action and put a big old pie right in Mr. Miller’s face. The crowd really went wild after that! Mr. Miller was such a great sport!

“I am very proud of all these students for having perfect attendance and for not being tardy for almost one month. We are trying to increase our attendance and make sure the students know it is important to be in school,” Miller said proudly.

When all the pie throwing was over Mr. Miller went around the gymnasium trying to give out hugs! Everyone laughed and headed back to class.

Another great day at Stafford Elementary.