Stafford Elementary — the only place for me


April Mathers has always wanted to work with children so teaching was a perfect fit. She has been teaching for about ten years now and she has always taught at Stafford Elementary and loves teaching there.

April has always taught third grade and just loves her third graders. She said, “I love to teach third graders because they are mature enough to learn and understand what you are trying to teach them but they are also young enough to want to please you and do their very best for you.”

When asked where she saw herself in ten years Mathers replied, “Teaching. Hopefully still here at Stafford Elementary. Stafford Elementary is the best school to teach at. It is a family here, it is my home.”

Mathers wants the best for her students. Mathers explained, “My goal for my students has always been for them to work hard and try their best in all their academics. I want them to leave my class well prepared for the fourth grade.”

When asked about the new principal, Mathers explained, “Mr. Miller is just a wonderful principal. He is supportive of the staff and the students. He listens and respects our opinions, but most important of all he always has the student’s best interest at heart.”

April has been married to her husband Jody Mathers for twelve years and they have two children, Adyson, a first grader and Rhet who is four years old.

Mr Miller summed up April Mathers teaching skills by saying, “Mrs. Mathers has a true compassion for kids. Regardless of what the situation may be, Mrs. Mathers will always look for the positive, adjust her teaching style to reach the learners, and give one hundred percent effort trying to make the student academically and socially successful.”

We are so glad you are here at Stafford Elementary April Mathers.