Economic Development Corporation awards bid for roof

The Italy Economic Development Corporation voted unanimously to award the community center roof replacement to Roof Time Contractors of Midlothian at its monthly meeting Monday evening. This moves one step closer to actually allowing residents to rent the building.

Elmerine Bell, vice president of the IEDC, presided over the meeting in the absence of Mark Stiles, president.

Bell said they received only one bid for the project.

The bid is for a 15 year mechanically fastened TPO roof in the amount of $34,825.

The breakdown includes: mobilization, insurance, bonds, $250; labor, materials, insulation, membranes, flashing, fasteners, equipment and incidentals necessary to install all the components, $25,925; labor, tools, materials, equipment and incidentals necessary to install 26 gauge parapet flashing, $1,500; labor, tools, materials, equipment and incidentals necessary to replace water damaged wood decking with new decking material, $1,800; allowance for furnishing all labor and materials to repair water damaged roof trusses and ceiling joists as required to meet 2006 IBC load requirement, $5,000; and furnish engineer’s certificate; $350.

Teri Murdock, city secretary/administrator, said KSA Engineers said this firm’s work is acceptable and she said the firm has previously worked on downtown roofs in Italy.

She said the only thing they need from Roof Time Contractors is the maintenance bond, insurance certificate and submittal package for the materials as specified in the bid documents.

Murdock said they expect the roof project to be completed relatively quickly once they get necessary materials.

The group tabled an item regarding disposal and storage of the furniture currently in the Boze Community Center. The furniture they want to keep, Bell said, should be stored off-site to keep it from getting dirty or wet when roof repairs are made.

Bell said there were several tables, 12 couches, five love seats, 27 non-stackable chairs, 200+ stackable chairs, various lamps, end tables and coffee tables.

Tom Little, IEDC member, said they should just put tarps over the furniture as repairs are made to the roof.

Murdock said they could have an auction or have sealed bids for the furniture that will not be used in the center.

Murdock said she is getting calls every week wanting to rent the building and that cannot be done, even after the roof is repaired, if the unnecessary furniture is still there.

Little made the motion twice to table the item until the roof is completed and the interior layout is decided. Joyce Hobbs and Darrell Rosemond voted to table the item. Bell and Randy Boyd voted against tabling the item.

Murdock said the IEDC and city council needs to hold a joint work session to discuss a payment schedule, projected renovations and what to do with the remaining furniture. She said this could be done in one or several workshops.

Murdock also said the lumber yard owner is considering selling them the back portion near the portico to allow vehicles to drive straight through to the back of the community center. She said he has not given the city a sale price as of yet.

Jimmy Hyles, resident, asked when the IEDC would repair the alley behind the former community center where the two buildings were torn down. He said the IEDC tore up the alley which is now “impassible.” He said the IEDC agreed to make repairs once the demolition was completed.

Little said he did not remember making any agreement but Hyles insisted that Stiles insinuated that the alley would be repaired.

In other business, Skyler McMann, asked the IEDC to clean up the foliage and poison ivy that is growing behind the former McConnell building. He said it is now growing onto the masonic lodge building. McMann said he is the worship master at the lodge.

Murdock told him that the city crew would clean it up but next time he could just come into city hall and make the request.

The group also approved minutes of the Feb. 21 meeting, bills and the financial report.

Little suggested they check with other banks about interest rates. He said he would like to keep the IEDC finances in a local bank if they can come up with decent interest rates.

The group took no action regarding the Green Bandana Group agreement.

The remainder of the meeting was spent with Little complaining about the building being named the Boze Community Center. Murdock said she believed this was part of the contractual agreement. Little said he never agreed to it.