Italy ISD-Stafford Elementary Pre-K & Kindergarten Round-up schedule


Stafford Elementary will have its yearly Pre-K and Kindergarten Round-UP on Thursday, May 10, 2012 from 3:30-6:30 and Friday, May 11, 2012 from 8:00-3:00. There will be a scheduled lunch break from 12:00-1:00.

Who can register for Kindergarten?

Children living within Italy ISD attendance zones or those wishing to transfer into the Italy ISD program who will be 5 years old on or before September 1, 2012.

Who can apply for the Full-Day Pre-K?

Children living in Italy ISD attendance zones , or children who are wishing to transfer into the Italy ISD program, who will be 4 years old on or before September 1, 2012; and who meet at least one of the following criteria:

  • Students who qualify for the  free or reduced lunch program or; 
  • Students who are unable to speak and comprehend the English language or;
  • Students who currently are or have previously been in the foster care system or;
  • Students who are considered homeless or;
  • Students who have one or both parents on active-duty military status or;
  • Students who will be applying via the tuition based program ($250 per month)
    • First payment will be due August 20, 2012
    • Payment is due each subsequent month on the 20th through April 2013.

What to bring to the school when registering your child:

  • Proof of residency in the district (if not a transfer student) such as utility bill: water, gas, electric or rental agreement
  • Photo ID of parent or guardian 
  • Official birth certificates 
  • Immunization records 
  • Emergency phone numbers 
  • Social Security cards ( if applicable)

For more information: 972-483-6342