Peri Patterson has a ‘knack’ for teaching

Image: Peri Patterson teaches third grade at Stafford Elementary and just loves it.

Peri Patterson teaches third grade at Stafford Elementary and just loves it. (Cindy Sutherland)

Peri Patterson knew at a very young age that she wanted to teach children. It started back when she was about fourteen years old when she would help her grandmother teach her Sunday School class. She was good at it, had a “knack” for it and loved teaching the little ones. She now has twenty-nine years of teaching under her belt.

Peri now teaches third grade but she hasn’t always taught that grade level. She has taught sixth grade, second grade and for the majority of her teaching career she taught kindergarten. When asked what was the difference between teaching kindergarten and third grade, she replied, “Third graders are more independent and kindergartners are more ‘hands on’ and need more direction. But both grades are wonderful to teach.”

“My favorite moment when teaching children is the moment I see ‘the lights’ go on. It is such a fun moment and it is very obvious when they ‘get it’. I also enjoy being someone else. In the student’s eyes I am Ms. Patterson, a school teacher and I have no other life. Sometimes if they see me out side of school they are shocked that I am not at school and I am out buying groceries or going to the doctor or just living life outside of school. It is just so much fun being part of the student’s life,” Patterson explained when asked what was her favorite thing about teaching.

Mr. Miller is really pleased to have Peri Patterson teaching at Stafford Elementary, he said, “Ms. Patterson consistently displays an unselfish attitude toward her third grade team and students. She is a perfect example of a leader that goes above and beyond for all of the students that are under her watch.”

We are glad you are here Peri Patterson!