Town hall meeting to be held in Italy

The Italy Police Department is extending an invitation to all Italy residents to attend a town hall meeting on Tuesday, June 5, 2012 to discuss plans for the community for the week of July 4th. During the meeting, the police department will also discuss their future plans to build trust and relationships between their department and the citizens. The meeting will be held at 6:00 p.m. at Mt. Gilead Missionary Baptist Church, 300 Harris Street in Italy. 

“During the meeting, our department personnel will address any concerns our citizens have. We want to visit with the residents that are most affected by the plans for the holiday week,” said Diron Hill, Italy Police Chief.

“For several years, problems and issues have arisen in one area of our community,” said Hill. “We don’t want history to repeat itself this year during the week of July 4th, so we are focusing on that area.”

The past incidents have been dangerous and posed a threat to the safety of citizens and first responders. Not only does the department want the citizens to be safe, they also want the police officers, fire and ambulance personnel to be safe. The Italy Police Department will be limiting vehicular traffic on Harris Street this year during the holiday week. 

“As police officers, we have to focus on the key areas of our city that have proven to have problems in the past. We don’t want to intrude in anyone’s life or family fun, but we have to keep the whole community safe. We want Italy to be a community we all can be proud of, not a community that is known for violence and danger,” said Hill.

During the week of July 4th, Harris Street will be closed. Parking will be available for guests in designated area and officers will assist guest in finding the parking areas. Once those designated areas are full, there is an alternate overflow area at the old gin on Clark Street. Once parking lots are full, residents will be allowed access to the blocked off areas as long as proof of residency can be provided. Any guests that leaves the parking areas will not be allowed to return for access. 

The parking lot and property at Stafford Elementary is closed to the public as well as J.K Excavating on Hwy 77. The Police Department does not want to inconvenience any of our residents or their guests, but they do need to insure the safety of everyone.

“Our officers will patrol during the holiday week and visit with residents as time allows,” explained Hill. “Our department will be involved in community events and be a part of the holiday festivities.”

To learn more about the upcoming holiday plans, please the residents of the Italy community are invited and encouraged to attend.