Italy ISD Teacher/Employee year end awards

Image: Mrs. Prowell Stafford Elementary Campus’ Teacher of the Year

Mrs. Prowell Stafford Elementary Campus’ Teacher of the Year (Cindy Sutherland)

Recently several teachers and staff of the Italy Independent School District where recognized for their hard work and dedication to the district.

Italy High School/Junior High School principal, Lee Joffre, stated, “I am very proud of the work that all of the teachers and staff has done. They have adapted to many changes to serve the students of Italy ISD. I have no doubt that their efforts will continue to show positive growth.” 

At the High School/Junior High School campus, teachers and staff were asked to nominate for the “Employee of the Year” awards and for the “Teacher of the Year” awards. They were asked to make their nomination as well as write down one thing about their nominee that makes them worthy of the title. Nominees were then voted on by teachers and staff members.

Italy High School/Junior High School Employee of the Year Nominees
Anna Kelley “Miss Anna always helps keep our area clean.”
“Miss Anna is nice and pleasant to work with.”
Sharon Davis “For all the work she has done with seniors this year to keep them informed on activities and scholarships, as well as the college room for seniors.”
“Because of Mrs. Davis the testing schedule was flawless.”
“Mrs. Davis made sure to visit with each HS student to inform them of specific graduation requirements.”
Larry Mayberry “Larry Mayberry does, and has done a great deal for this entire school.”
“When he is not working as a custodian, he is coaching, or cooking for one of the school activities.”
“He is greatly respected by both teachers and students.”
“Whenever anyone needs something done, they can always count on Larry Mayberry.”
Angela Muirhead “She is a personable and pleasant representative of our school when answering the phone and visiting with parents in her office.”
“She is ALWAYS helpful and patient when I’ve ever needed anything from her or the supply closet.”
“She is quite organized.”
“When teachers or kids have problems arise, Angela is compassionate and kind.”
“Her dedication to making the district better; She’s versatile—she switches hats when needed and never loses her composure; she accomodates—if anyone asks her to do something and she says she will take care of it, she does; she is discreet.”
“Because she is always available when I need help and she goes out of her way to make sure everything works out perfectly.”
“Mrs. Muirhead goes above and beyond 100% of the time. Mrs. Muirhead is one of the best secretaries I’ve ever had the pleasure to work with.”
The IHS/JHS “Employee of the Year” winner was Angela Muirhead. 

Italy High School/Junior High School Teacher of the Year Nominees
Casey Holden “Her passion for teaching her subject; compassion for her students and co-workers; dedicated to changing our school district back to our golden status; IHS graduate who appreciates the education she received when she was a student here not so long ago;  she’s a spunky team player; she’s my friend and I love her!”
“Because she has worked really hard to incorporate CSCOPE into her curriculum and has gone above and beyond working with the students”
“She not only has helped her students in math, but others as well.  She has written her own curriculum and is successful with it.  She is now transferring that to an interactive e-textbook for the ipad.  She is always positive and upbeat with her students and others.”
“No matter when you go by her room, she is teaching and the students are actively engaged in learning.”
“Mrs. Holden is constantly using data to help students improve.”
Vivian Moreland “Ms. Moreland is well respected around this school.”
“She is very hard working and is someone I look up to greatly.”
“The students love her and enjoy being around her.”
“Mrs. Moreland’s drive and determination to reach the students is remarkable. Each student knows that Mrs. Moreland cares about them and wants them to be successful in whatever path they choose in life.”
“Mrs. Moreland is the life-blood of Italy High School.”
Tina Richards “She coaches whatever sport is asked of her even without an athletic period.”
“She teaches sp.ed. AND seniors.”
“Took over the CM lab after Richters left and still has her other classes.”
“Took over NJHS to make sure it went smooth.”
“She’s always a professional; she treats the kids fairly and treats her fellow teachers with respect.”
“She attends any home game she can, unless she is working herself.”
“Tina was flag sponsor for years, eventhough she was coaching volleyball during the same season.”
“She is always there to help in ARDs or with Spanish-speaking parents in need of a translator.”
“Kids love and respect Mrs. Richards. They feel the genuine concern she has for them and their futures.”
“Tina is a trust-worthy.”
Andi Windham “She has a strong passion for what she does.”
“The students love to go to her class.”
“She has rebuilt the “One Act Play” to the point that kids are begging to get in.”
“She has a great sense of humor that makes her fun to be around.”
“She is constantly up teaching the students.”
IHS/JHS “Teacher of the Year” winner was Casey Holden.


Stafford Elementary principal, Jason Miller, introduced his campus’ nominees for the Employee and Teacher of the Year awards. He expressed his heartfelt thanks and admiration to his entire staff. 

Stafford Elementary “Employee of the Year” Nominees
Patrick Anderson
Misty Escamilla
Gloria Garcia
Michelle Hampton
Mary Jacinto
Rose Pippen
Stafford Elementary Employee of the Year winner was Mary Jacinto.

Stafford Elementary “Teacher of the Year” Nominees
Jennifer Aguado
Octavia Dorazil
Rochelle Hellner
April Mathers
Amy McClesky
Peri Patterson
Debra Prowell
Jan Shepard
Stafford Elementary “Teacher of the Year” winner was Debra Prowell.

Italy ISD Years of Service Recognition for 2011-2012

5 Years:

  • Gloria Garcia
  • Jane Medrano

10 Years:

  • Leticia Galvan
  • Rochelle Hellner
  • Anna Kelley
  • April Mathers

15 Years:

  • Larry Mayberry

20 Years:

  • Patrick Anderson

25 Years: 

  • Sharan Farmer
  • Edwin ‘Lynn’ Lambert
  • Peri Patterson