Last Six Weeks Honor Assembly for Stafford Elementary

Image: Congratulations, job well done.

Congratulations, job well done. (Cindy Sutherland)

Can you believe it? It is summer already. Where did the time go? Recently, at the Italy High School campus, in the old gymnasium, Stafford Elementary students were being honored for all their hard work, good behavior and good grades. Not only were the students being honored but teachers and staff were also being honored for all the hard work they have put in over the school year.

Once again the gymnasium was filled with proud teachers, students and family members as they watched one student after another receive their awards. And once again, many, many awards were given out. Awards were given to students for the most RA points, awards for good attendance, awards for the highest grades and the list goes on and on.

Freddy Ivey was given a plaque honoring him for all of his service to Stafford Elementary. For many, many years Ivey volunteered his time to read books to the students. Mr. Miller (principal) asked for every student that had been read to by Mr. Ivey to stand up and the place was filled with students standing that have been read to by Mr. Ivey. So much applause filled the gymnasium it was deafening.

Tessa South (PTO president) accepted a plaque for the PTO. They were honored for all their hard work raising funds for the school this year.

Jeannette Janek and Leslie Allen were honored with a plaque also showing appreciation for all they have done. Mr. Miller said, “These two ladies do so much behind the scenes for our school. They do not want to be recognized but we are recognizing them today.”

“The students have been challenged this year and boy they were up to the challenge. I really appreciate the parents being patient with us today, it is a long ceremony but I wanted to make sure that every individual child got recognized today. It has been a great year,” Mr. Miller grinningly said.

Keep up the good work Stafford Elementary and have a great summer.