Teaching English and Softball-a winning hand

Image: Coach Wayne Rowe is one of the newest teachers hired at Italy High School.

Coach Wayne Rowe is one of the newest teachers hired at Italy High School. (Anne Sutherland)

Coach Wayne Rowe, one of the newest members of the Italy High School staff, has been teaching for 15 years and wants to put IHS on his resume. Coming from Scurry Rosser ISD, Rowe teaches English and coaches softball. Eager to begin the school year in Italy, Coach Rowe has plans of preparing the students in and out of the classroom.

“Mr. Rowe’s extensive experience as an English teacher makes him a welcomed addition to the great English department we have at Italy High School. I believe the English Team will work well together to help our kids perform at a high level on state and college readiness exams. I am also excited to see what he will bring to the softball program. I know he loves the game and will expect a lot from the team,” IHS Principal Lee Joffre commented on Wayne Rowe.

Rowe grew up in Oak Cliff and DeSoto. His schooling includes Cedar Valley in Lancaster, Midwestern State University in Wichita Falls and graduation from Baptist Christian College in Shreveport, Louisiana.

Coach Rowe cares for students and has the drive and initiative to help them along life’s highway. “I do not know a lot about what they have done in the past (at Italy High School), but I hope to just join the group that is here and do whatever I can do to add to the department and the overall district. I do hope to prepare the students for not only for the tests that they must take but I also want to prepare them for life after high school whether they go to college or join the work force,” Rowe explained.

When it comes to softball, Coach Rowe is excited about the upcoming season. Some of the team are on a summer ball teams and he expects improvement in a lot of areas, “As far as softball goes, I believe that we have a chance to be very good this year. We have the summer strength and conditioning program going on now and it will continue once school starts. The girls have a fully equipped weight room that we plan to use to help build the strength that we need to be successful. We also have many girls that play multiple sports and I believe they will be very competitive in those sports also and that will help softball even more. The success that we have in the weight room and in other sports will help these girls to compete at a high level. Next year we will have many challenges and many ups and down, but I believe that all the hard work will help us be successful in softball,” Rowe said.

Keeping his family first and foremost, Rowe will be spending time with them this summer because school will begin before you know it. He will also help with the Gladiators as an assistant football coach in the fall.