This is dedication


Everyone knows how dedicated our Stafford Elementary teachers are to the students. The students love the teachers and the teachers love the students—that is proven every day in the classroom. The teachers go above and beyond in every sense of the word.

I was in Stafford Elementary the other day and boy was I surprised! It was like a rainbow exploded on the walls and the doors! Bright, dazzling bursts of yellow, green, red, orange, purple and blue was every where your eyes could see.

Our wonderful Stafford teachers took time out of their summer vacation to come back to the school and paint all of the walls and all of the doors.They wanted the students to come back to school and be surprised and be in a cheerful environment.

Mr. Miller (Stafford principal) said, “The teachers wanted the school to be bright and cheery for the students. It is an elementary school – it should look like one. I knew the maintenance department would not have time to do this so I told the teachers if they would like to come in and paint they certainly could.”

And boy did they ever paint! Even Mr. Miller put on a couple of strokes of paint.

This is just another example of our Stafford teachers putting the students first. The dedication of these teachers is not only on the walls but in the classrooms and in the hearts of the students.