Myla Wilson – New Stafford Elementary Principal

Image: Myla Wilson, our new principal is ready to meet the challenges of a new year.

Myla Wilson, our new principal is ready to meet the challenges of a new year. (Cindy Sutherland)

Myla Wilson is a welcomed addition to Stafford Elementary, not only has she taught school but she has ten years experience in administration. She brings with her a love of children and an enthusiasm for learning, teaching and bringing out the best in each student, teacher and staff member.

Myla did not always want to teach. When she started college she was majoring in nursing. She switched to teaching after she had a skiing accident and hurt her back. She said, "I am so glad I transferred to teaching. I believe teaching is a calling and I strongly believe in what I am doing. I have always been drawn to children and I love interacting with the students.

At Jason Miller’s (last year’s principal) urging Wilson decided to apply for the opening for principal at Stafford Elementary. When she had not heard back from the school she decided to stay where she was. For the last five years she was the assistant principal for Ruby Young ISD. Then out of the blue she got a call from Italy ISD and the position was hers.

Our new principal is ready to take on the challenges of what lies ahead. “My goal for the school this year is to make sure our students learn the best comprehensive skills and to help them develop socially,” she explained.

Some of the new things she has in store for Stafford Elementary is beginning a student council, continue recycling and having a community garden in which she hopes to get parents involved in along with their children. Mrs. Bedard (counselor) will be introducing Seven Habits for Happy Kids by Sean Covey. This will teach the students seven basic steps for success which are: you are in charge, have a plan, work first and then play, everyone can win, listen before you talk, together is better and balance feels best.

“My goal as principal is to be here for the students, teachers, parents, help support them, meet their needs, help get the instruction at the level and complexity they need to be successful and to help build social skills,” explained principal Wilson when asked what her job as principal meant to her.

She went on to say, “I want to make sure that we send our students prepared to succeed in Middle school, to build their self esteem and to meet each child’s needs in successfully teaching them – using whatever techniques it takes to help each student learn, not every student learns the same way so we will strive to meet their learning needs.”

When asked what she thought about Stafford Elementary Wilson replied, “I am so excited about being here, everyone is so supportive, very nice and very caring, it feels like a family.”

Myla said, “We do it big in Texas- but we will do it bigger at Stafford Elementary!”

We are so glad you are here Myla Wilson!