Italy ISD releases class portrait schedule

Italy ISD has released a schedule for class portraits during the fall semester. The schedule shows dates and times for both the High School and Elementary campuses. Order forms will be distributed to the students the day their photo is made.

Class portraits:

  • Wednesday, September 19 starting at 8:30 am – 7th grade thru 11th grade
  • Thursday, September 27 starting at 8:30 am – senior portraits and senior group photo
  • Thursday, October 4 – All of Stafford Elementary

For senior portraits:

  • Boys should wear either a white or light plain t-shirt with no design on the front.
  • School dress code applies (ear rings, facial hair etc…)
    • If students want these things in their portrait students can make arrangements to have another photo made at the McGraw-Clark studio.
  • Girls should wear something strapless or spaghetti straps under proper clothing to school for ease of changing. Shoulders will show in the photos, we do not want marks from straps.
  • Proofs with the order information will be delivered to each senior upon arrival.