Magic forest hallways at Stafford Elementary

Image: Magic forest down the halls of Stafford Elementary

Magic forest down the halls of Stafford Elementary (Cindy Sutherland)

The halls at Stafford Elementary have been transformed into a magic forest complete with bird nests and even a ghost. It is amazing what one can do with twisted paper and cardboard cylinders!

Charles Hyles is the man of the hour. He took a lot of time, well thought out ideas along with creativity and brought them to Stafford. He said, “I started doing this four years ago when Charlotte Morgan (first grade teacher) asked me to do something for the halls.”

“One of the hardest parts of the forest was making the tree trunks stay up on the walls. They are made of cardboard cylinders and it was very difficult to attach them to the walls,” explained Hyles.

Charles Hyles is a very dedicated parent and is very involved with his kids at school, so it was very natural for him to give his help when asked. Hyles said, “I think we have the best teachers around here. Having a wife that is a teacher and a mother that retired after forty years of teaching I know how much time and hard work they put in to educate our children – it takes a lot of dedication.”

Next time you are at Stafford Elementary take time to look down the halls at the beautiful artwork and see how many bird nests you can find!

Thank you, Charles Hyles!