Red Ribbon Week at Stafford Elementary—Say NO to Drugs

Image: Just say no to drugs!

Just say no to drugs! (Cindy Sutherland)

Red Ribbon week is an alcohol, tobacco and other drug and violence prevention awareness campaign observed annually in October in the United States. To help the students be more aware of the harm drugs, alcohol and tobacco does to them Stafford Elementary participated in Red Ribbon Week.

On Monday they started the Red Ribbon Week off by having the students wear red, white and blue to be patriotic! The theme was, ‘I elect to be a drug free Texan.’ The students also decorated the trees in front of Stafford Elementary with red ribbons and were also busy designing ‘drug free’ posters.

On Tuesday it was “Wear Boots Day”. The theme of the day was, ‘We are Kickin’ Drugs out of Stafford’. You could see boots everywhere down the halls. The students also made and hung up colorful flags along the fences in front of the school to let everyone know – no drugs allowed!

Wednesday was Hero Day. The motto of the day was, ‘help encourage and respect others.’ Everyone dressed up as a Texas hero who encourages and respects others. Drug free bracelets were passed out to all the students as a reminder to just say no to drugs.

Thursday’s theme of the day was ‘Hats off to a drug free Texas.’ Everyone including principal Myla Wilson were wearing hats. Hats could be seen everywhere. Students also practiced their right to vote and voted for the candidates of their choice for the student council.

Friday finished the week off with everyone wearing a Texas team jersey or sports shirt. Go team and knock out drugs in our school – ‘lets team up and get it done’ was the motto of the day. The winners of the poster contest were also announced. The winners were:

Kindergarten through 2nd grade

Michael Travis – 1st place
Taylor Souder – 2nd place

3rd grade through 6th grade

Virginia Stephens – 1st place
Haylee Mathers – 2nd place

Mrs. Bedard (counselor) said, “The students were judged on creativity and the drug free message presented on the poster. Everyone put so much effort into the posters and I was very proud of everyone who took the time to create one. You could tell they all put a lot of thought and effort into their work. They all really did a great job!”

She went on to say, “The Stafford PTO donated $500.00 towards Red Ribbon week. It was a wonderful help to us. The money was used to help purchase the Red Ribbon Week supplies such as student pencils, wristbands and flags. Also the REACH Council donated the students’ red ribbons.”

Another great week of fun and learning at Stafford Elementary.