October’s Yard of the Month

Image: Joyce and James Hobbs had the “Yard of the Month” for October.

Joyce and James Hobbs had the “Yard of the Month” for October. (Cindy Sutherland)

James and Joyce Hobbs have lived in Italy for three years and were delighted when their yard was chosen as “Yard of the Month.” It is very easy to see why. They have beautiful pumpkins, flowers and scare crows to bring in the fall season.

When asked how long it took to make their yard so beautiful they replied, “It took a couple of days for the fall decor but over all a couple of years to get the yard in shape with our rock gardens and grass.”

Their landscaping rocks have come from Arizona, and nearby Avalon and some of their pumpkins came from Fairfield to add a beautiful touch to their yard.

They have beautiful greenery around their house which is really for Christmas. But they added pine cones and made it for work for fall. They refuse to take it down because beautiful red birds build nests in it and they won’t disturb the nests. They were quite taken with the baby birds when hatched!

Both Joyce and James Hobbs are very involved in our community. Joyce is an EDC member, James is a city council member, on the Italy Park Board and they have owned Hobbs Feed store for four years. I would say they are “grounded” in our little community!

When asked what they thought of Italy they responded, “We love living in Italy, we love the people – they have the most loving, wonderful hearts. We have lots of good friends – this is home to us.”

Congratulations James and Joyce Hobbs!