It’s been a great first semester

Image: Myla Wilson (principal) is ready for the challenges the second semester brings with preparing for the STAR test.

Myla Wilson (principal) is ready for the challenges the second semester brings with preparing for the STAR test. (Cindy Sutherland)

It is tough being the new kid on the block. But when you work with some of the best teachers and staff it makes it easy. Myla Wilson has made it through her first semester as principal at Stafford Elementary and is ready for the second semester.

Now that everyone has gotten to know Mrs. Wilson and she has gotten to know the teachers, staff and parents they are on the road to success. Myla said, “It is challenging being new, especially when you are instituting some new ideas and new curriculum. But now that everyone knows me and I know them, we have found that we all have the same goal. That goal is doing whatever it takes to make each student successful and helping them grow in their education.”

She went on to say, "The first semester was a time to get to know the students, staff and parents. Let them know where I stand on education, my ideas and new curriculum. This semester the students worked really hard, they rose to the challenge of learning new things and took the instruction the teachers gave them.

Wilson said, "We are now in the second semester and we are really focusing on what is important and of course what is most important is the students. The best thing about being here at Stafford Elementary is the relationship with students, staff and parents. The students are great! I am hoping that the extra curricular programs started have given them another aspect to school, not just academics. We started a student council, we are involved in community service, the students raised funds for the victims of hurricane Sandy. In January we will start picking up trash for the school and community through the student council.

This semester the teachers are getting the students prepared for the STAR test along with our regular studies.

“Now that the break is over and we have relaxed, renewed our spirits and minds, we are ready to meet the challenges ahead by implementing a plan for student success. The kids are great, funny, loving, very kind and I really enjoy them,” explained Mrs. Wilson.