Stafford Elementary Employee of the Month – Felicia Burkhalter

Image: Felicia Burkhalter is proud to be the Employee of the Month at Stafford Elementary.

Felicia Burkhalter is proud to be the Employee of the Month at Stafford Elementary. (Cindy Sutherland)

Felicia Burkhalter was very surprised when it was announced that she was Employee of the Month. Voting by the faculty and staff of Stafford Elementary made this quite an honor.

Felicia said, “I was shocked when it was announced that I was Employee of the Month. I was so excited and I really appreciate the fact that all the faculty and staff think that highly of me.”

She went on to say, “This is such an honor and it lets me know I am doing a good job, that I am going above and beyond what is expected of me.”

Felicia has worked at Stafford Elementary for twelve years as the librarian. When asked how she has grown in those twelve years she replied, “When I first started at Stafford Elementary I didn’t know that I wanted to be a teacher. I just took this job because it was offered to me. But in no time at all I fell in love with the kids and now they are my passion.”

She is now in her Junior year of college at Texas A&M Commerce in Midlothian and is studying elementary education. College has been described as an endurance test and Felicia can really identify with that. It has taken her several years to get where she is in her education today. She waited until four of her five children graduated high school before she went back to school.

Felicia is heavily involved in her church – she is the vacation bible school director, director of the Christmas and Easter plays, and is on the church board. So she said, “I take as many courses as I can but they are usually just a few each semester, with taking care of my daughter that is a senior in high school this year, working everyday and my heavy involvement with my church it is taking me a longer time. But I know it will be well worth the wait. Becoming a teacher has become my passion.”

Congratulations Felicia Burkhalter!