Science Fair at Stafford Elementary

Image: James Berry (2nd grade) took second place for his experiment on types of soil to use for planting.

James Berry (2nd grade) took second place for his experiment on types of soil to use for planting. (Cindy Sutherland)

It has been a while since they have had a science fair at Stafford Elementary but the students and staff picked up the ball and ran with it. The science fair was quite the success. The students tried really hard and you could tell it in their projects.

The student’s projects were judged by several different judges and each judge was given about twenty criteria items to look for in each project. As you can imagine it took the judges a long time to come to their final decisions.

There were many questions asked and answered in the students science experiments such as: How does caffeine effect the heart rate? How do you make the best potato battery? What types of soil do you use for planting? What will your medicine dissolve in and how fast? What beverage will have the darkest stain on the teeth?

Richard Harvel (science teacher) was very happy with the science fair, he said, “Our Science Fair was a success this year in many ways. We did run into a few hitches, but we learned from them, which will make next year’s science fair even better. Some of the good things I saw from the science fair this year were: kids learning or stretching their understanding of how things work, of how to improve machines and processes and how to find information that helped them learn more. I saw the kids, their teachers, their parents, their grandparents and other community members working together to meet the challenge of producing the projects and meeting the deadlines. And I saw community members engaging with the kids in learning, kids interviewing their parents and grandparents, surveying their family members and experts for opinions laughing and smiling while learning.”

Science Fair winners by grade level:

  • 2nd Grade
    • Ady Mathers – 1st place
    • Antonio Procopio – 2nd place
    • James Berry – 2nd place
    • Jada Williams – 3rd place
  • 3rd Grade
    • Chase Hyles – 1st place
    • Kaitlyn Wims – 2nd place
    • Emily Janek -3rd place
    • Evan Cunningham – 3rd place
    • Brianna Hall – 3rd place
  • 4th Grade
    • Madison Dickerson – 1st place
    • Creighton Hyles – 2nd place
    • Rocklin Ginnett – 3rd place
  • 5th Grade
    • Hunter Hinz – 1st place
    • Bryson May – 2nd place
    • Madelyn Chambers – 3rd place
  • 6th Grade
    • Ryder Itson – 1st place
    • Keondra Jackson – 2nd place
    • Mikey South – 3rd place

Good job Stafford Elementary!