Charla Sparks joins the Stafford Elementary team of teachers

Image: Charla Sparks is the new 6th grade science/social studies teacher at Stafford Elementary.

Charla Sparks is the new 6th grade science/social studies teacher at Stafford Elementary. (Cindy Sutherland)

Charla Sparks is the “new kid on the block” at Stafford Elementary. She is their new sixth grade teacher and boy is she happy to be teaching at Stafford, teaching social studies and science.

Little did Charla know that one day she would be teaching school. Previously she and her mother owned a restaurant called Tracy’s Country Cafe and were very successful. Then her mother was getting up in years and they decided to sell the restaurant.

So, Charla started subbing in Mansfield for the kindergarten thru the sixth grade. She said this is where she had her ‘aha!’ moment. One of her students was having a struggle with math. She was able to help him one on one and after a little while he caught on to what he was trying to learn. “This is when I knew this is what I want to do — teach children. It is so gratifying when they finally ‘get it’ and you had a hand in helping him get to that point,” explained Sparks.

When asked what her favorite thing about teaching is she replied, “Interacting with the students, it is an amazing adventure when you can see the potential of the students and you can bring it out in them.”

While working on her college degree she was a para professional at Kendale Jr. High School. Working and going to school at the same time, Charla graduated from UTA in May of 2012.

After she graduated she was hired in August to teach at Stafford Elementary. She said, “I love working here. Everyone is so friendly, it is like you knew them forever. When I was working in Mansfield there were one hundred and eighty seven students in some grades. Here there are thirty seven students in the sixth grade. You are able to have more one on one with the students and I get to do what I love in a friendly atmosphere.”

Charla is married to Steven Sparks. He owns his own company named Stripeco of Texas. She has two sons, James and Joseph and one grandson Troy and one granddaughter Makenzie. She and her husband like to spend time with their grandchildren, go to antiques stores and love to travel.

When asked how she liked Italy she said, "Italy is definitely a small town, very peaceful and quiet I love the small town atmosphere, it is a really nice place to be.

We are glad you are here Charla Sparks!