Let’s do our best to help West

Image: Jeanette Janek and the Stafford Elementary Student Council are proud to help the citizen’s of West.

Jeanette Janek and the Stafford Elementary Student Council are proud to help the citizen’s of West. (Cindy Sutherland)

The Stafford Elementary Student Council is at it again. Whenever someone needs a helping hand the Stafford Student Council members put their heads together, make a plan and do what is needed. So it comes as no surprise that they are at it again and coming up with a plan to help the town of West after the devastating explosion.

Tanner Chambers (student council member) said, “The theme of our project is, ’Let’s do our best to help West’. We have collected jars and put colorful paper around the jars with- Donations for West – written on the paper. We are putting them in each classroom and explaining to each class about the tragedy in West and about the donation jars, how they can help by donating change.”

When asked what they would do with the money after it is collected the students had many ideas. Brook Gage suggested, “We could buy supplies for the school and donate the rest of the money.”

Jeanette Janek (teacher) had this suggestion, “We could put it in the hands of the school district by buying gift cards for who ever needs help the most.” What we know for sure is the money will be going to help out the citizens of West.

When asked how they were affected by the West tragedy Jalen Lusk (student council member) responded, “I am sorry for them, they have lost their homes and schools. I feel so sorry for them.” Chase Hyles said, “I am very sad. My Dad is a Dallas fireman and he knew the Dallas fireman that was killed.”

Another student council member, Reese Janek, was deeply affected by the tragedy in West. He has two uncles and a great grandmother whose homes were greatly damaged by the explosion.

LaJada Jackson (student council member) said, “I want them to stay strong, keep a happy face on because God will take care of all of us.”

Tanner Chambers said, "Everyone needs to be supportive of West. We need to stick together and help where we can. Texas is the ‘stick together state’, so I know we can do it.

“There are so many prayers being said for West and it’s citizens not just from Texas, or the United States, people around the world are praying for West. You can just feel the presence of the Lord in that town now. West will come back better and stronger because of faith,” explained Jeanette Janek.

Congratulations Stafford Elementary you are a great example of human kindness.