New Principal for Stafford Elementary – Jonathan Nash

Image: Jonathan Nash is very proud to be Stafford Elementary’s new principal.

Jonathan Nash is very proud to be Stafford Elementary’s new principal. (Cindy Sutherland)

First time principal Jonathan Nash is ready and raring to get started as Stafford elementary’s new principal. He is excited and happy to be here and loves our school already in the two short weeks he has been here.

He may be a first time principal but he is not short of experience in the field of education. He has taught at Desoto Christian School (no longer in operation), nine years at Venus Elementary, one year at Waxahachie ISD and last but not least a little over a year at Lancaster ISD.

Mr. Nash graduated from East Texas Baptist University in education and received his masters degree in Education Administration and Supervision from University of Phoenix.

It didn’t take long in talking with Mr. Nash to discover that he will be a ‘hands on’ principal. He is all about the kids. Why did he want to be principal? Because he wanted to make a larger impact on the kids. His motto is, ‘It is what is best for the kids. If it is right for the kids, then it is right for me.’

Nash explained to me, “I believe if there are kids in the school then I need to be out in the school with them. If teachers need help in the classroom I want to be there helping. From day one when I am at school, these kids are my kids, the staff is my staff, we are a team. I believe to be a good teacher, principal or staff member you need to be helping kids. If you are breathing then you need to be helping kids. It is all about the kids.”

Jonathan and his wife Jennifer have three children, Brianna (8th grader), Kayli (5th grader) and Collin (2nd grader). Jennifer is a music teacher in Waxahachie.

Jonathan and Jennifer pride themselves on being involved with their students and their student’s families. They strive to know them and in doing so have a better understanding on how to help the students and reiterate that your kids are their kids.

Every year the Nash’s open up their home at Christmas time and invite their students and parents to share hot chocolate and home made Christmas cookies with them. Nash hopes to keep up this tradition here at Stafford Elementary, but it will probably take place at Stafford Elementary instead of their home in Red Oak.

In Nash’s free time he loves to golf, fish with his family, cook, run, participate in the Waxahachie Community Theatre and vacation with his family.

Nash said, “I am very blessed, beautiful wife, great kids, great staff, great students and an awesome God!”

We are glad you are here Jonathan Nash!

Comment received from Debbie Bryant, May 11, 2013, 7:59am

I just want you folks in Italy to know that you are lucky to get Jonathan Nash. I have known him a long time and he is an amazing man! You and your students will all love him!
Debbie Bryant