Baby Chicks are a hatchin’ at Stafford Elementary

Image: Beautiful baby chicks.

Beautiful baby chicks. (Cindy Sutherland)

Spring is in the air! Everywhere you look you are starting to see flowers blooming, humming birds visiting bright blooms and your grass is turning green. Well, if you are a first grader at Stafford Elementary you will also know that “spring has sprung” because they have baby chicks hatching away.

The first graders are studying life cycles in their science class and one of the most exciting things about this chapter is the baby chicks. They have eggs in the incubator and before long they get to watch the chicks peck their way out of their shells.

Mrs. McCleskey said, “The kids just love this unit. They love to see the chicks hatch out of their eggs. They now know where eggs come from.”

They will also be studying frogs, lady bugs and plants. “We usually get tadpoles but this time they came as frogs,” explained Mrs. McCleskey. She went on to say, “When they come as tad poles the kids really love seeing them turn into frogs.”

Peggy Donathan (her daughter attended school here) donated the eggs. Her only request is that she receive twelve chicks! And they already have twelve so that is an easy request to fill. And there are so many more eggs to hatch.

Another day of learning made fun at Stafford Elementary!