Stafford 1st graders star in ‘Deep in the Jungle’

Image: Look at all the animals in the jungle!

Look at all the animals in the jungle! (Cindy Sutherland)

When you walked into Stafford Elementary last Friday night you took a double take to be sure you were in the right place! Vines, trees and wild animals had transformed the cafeteria into an amazing jungle complete with drum beat music. Yes, I am talking about the annual 1st grade play Deep in the Jungle.

These little 1st graders out did themselves again! Marching to Colonel Hathi’s March the jungle animals marched through the audience making sure all were aware they were there. They then scampered onto the stage and sang Circle of Life.

Once in the ‘Jungle’ again, you could see three adorable, high spirited monkeys (Jacqueline Munroz, Kinley Cate and Justice Shelby) singing and playing. Then Cy Williams took front and center as the mean old crocodile. Cy was very menacing as the crocodile, he really strutted his stuff. I was even scared! But not those monkeys they just kept taunting that old alligator until he had no choice but to get all three!

Intermittently poems were recited such as, When you talk to a Monkey, The Crocodile, The Ocelot, The Lion, The Cheetah, The Snake,The Zebra and The Elephant.

Suddenly a ferocious Lion King (Jeremiah Gutierrez) appeared on stage. Talk about a good performance! Jeremiah out did himself, sauntering around the stage shaking his finger at people and singing I Just Can’t Wait to be King.

This wonderful performance of Deep in the Jungle ended with the singing of Hakuna Matata, Bahamas Pajamas, Bare Necessities and The Lion Sleeps Tonight.

First Grade Cast

Kiara Bueno
Hagan Carr
Austin Cate
Kinley Cate
Carmelita Cortez
Evan Chen
Christopher Cryer
Mia Droll
Dustin Duke
Cadence Ellis
Hayden Ellis
Eden Forbus
Jeremiah Gutierrez
John Hall

Seraiah Havens
Clayton Hellner
Jon Hernandez
Cohen Hodge
Demarcus Houston
Ella Hudson
Paris Jackson
Amyriah Johnson
Sicily Johnson
Chloe Jones
Hudson Kemp
Hanah Krusen
Jacqueline Munoz
Hannah Pajak

Heleena Peralas
Ariah Pybum
Gavin Ramirez
Victoria Reyes
Nick Sam
Justice Shelby
Alex Solis
Ashley Solis
Taylor Souder
Frankie South
Michael Travis
Ariana Walker
Kinley Whatley
Cy Williams

Great show Stafford 1st Graders!!!