Stafford second graders perform “Nowhere Else but Texas”

Image: Pledge to the Texas Flag.

Pledge to the Texas Flag. (Cindy Sutherland)

As you walked into the cafeteria of Stafford Elementary last Friday morning you saw the cutest cowgirls and cowboys you ever saw singing and dancing and having lots of fun performing “Nowhere else but Texas.” This is their annual second grade program and they really out did themselves.

These second graders were dancing the Cotton Eyed Joe, doing cross kicks and shuffles to the beat of the band. Byrce Ballard then stepped forward and said, " Howdy Y’all! Welcome to our program." And then the fun really began.

They sang Texas Our Texas, Nowhere Else but Texas, Deep in the Heart of Texas, and God Bless the USA. But they didn’t just sing these songs—there were hats in the air and lots of ‘yee-haas’ being said.

And a program about Texas just wouldn’t do without the pledge to the Texas Flag and reciting a poem about the Texas flag which indeed they did!

Not only did they sing but these second graders danced the Cotton Eyed Joe and square danced with smiles and enthusiasm, so much that you didn’t want it to end.

But it did have to end and Evie South ended the program by thanking everyone for coming.

Another fun day at Stafford Elementary.