Pies in the face means money in the bank

Image: The trembling trio — Erica Miller, Lee Joffre and Casey Holden.

The trembling trio — Erica Miller, Lee Joffre and Casey Holden. (Catherine Hewett)

The last day of school rolls around and what do you do? You throw pies at your principal, of course. Naturally, the event was planned and Erica Miller, Lee Joffre and Casey Holden lived up to their part of deal. The class that brought in the most donations for West ISD was allowed to throw pies at the trembling trio. Mr. Joffre took a few in the ol’ mug for a good cause.

Since the mayhem in West on April 17, Italy High School, Italy Junior High and Stafford Elementary joined forces and took donations every school day. In conjunction with the annual Talent Show and some other imaginative ways to get money, the final result was $2,533.37 given to West Independent School District for help in the rebuild efforts.

Margie Davis’ Language Arts class rightly won the honor of pie throwing. Davis’ grew up in West. Her maiden name is Mashek. Margie said, “The blast which killed 15 and injured over 200 residents, also destroyed hundreds of homes, a rest home, hospital and three West ISD schools. The largest, West High School, is located directly across the street from the Mashek family’s home place where I, my older sister and three brothers grew up.”

With kindness and a little tenacity, the students of Italy ISD have raised the bar. “I am very proud of the work the students did for West. We have great people in Italy. Our students have been raised to help others by giving. They demonstrated their values by donating,” said Principal Joffre.

It’s obvious, however, the Principal likes whipped cream.