City of Italy Fireworks Ordinance

Italy Police Officers will be patrolling this Fourth of July weekend to keep everyone as safe as possible and enforcing the city ordinance of fireworks.

City of Italy Fireworks Ordinance: It shall be unlawful for any person to use, possess fire, set off, discharge, set in motion, or ignite any fireworks inside the city limits of the City of Italy, Texas. Definition: “Fireworks” includes rockets, roman candles, bombs, wheels, fire crackers, blank cartridges, torpedoes, or any other substance designed to produce audible or visual pyrotechnic effects or display of fireworks.

If anyone has any questions about the firework ordinance please contact the Italy Police Dept. at 972-483-6414 ext. 200.

If anyone wants to report fireworks in the city limits please contact Ellis County SO 972-937-6060 so an Officer can be dispatched to the call.