Hillsboro Unified Tae Kwon Do students test for new belts


On Saturday, June 14th, 2014 69 students from the Hillsboro Unified Tae Kwon Do School located at 125 W. Elm-

Hillsboro, Texas (254-582-5111) tested for new colored belts. Masters and Grand Masters on hand for the occasion were Grand Master Park-co-founder of Unified Tae Kwon Do from Houston, Texas, Master Kevin Kight-Black Belt Instructor from Lorena, Texas and Master Charles Kight-Chief Instructor for the Hillsboro Unified Tae Kwon Do School for over 18 years.

Students performed two patterns, broke boards and sparred during the grading.

White Belts grading for Yellow Stripes were Beneranda Martinez-Hillsboro, Jacque Ramirez-Hillsboro, and Mekena McVean-Covington.

Yellow Stripes grading for Yellow Belts were Abby Holloman-West, Star Deluna-Hillsboro, Allison Riojas-Hillsboro, Josephina Trejo-Hillsboro, Anahid Salazar-Hillsboro, Teagan Frazier-Clifton, Teresa Cecilio-Hillsboro, Brett Holloman-West, Carlos Fuentes-Hillsboro, Megan Piar-Hillsboro, Jason Frazier-Clifton, and Luis Salazar-Hillsboro.

Yellow Belts grading for Green Stripes Belts were Jade Woolsey-Hillsboro, Reagan Bernsen-West, Karen Bernsen, Everett Bernsen-West, David Jackson-Hillsboro, Antonino Lozano-Hillsboro, Ethan Gillaspie-West, Katy Bernsen-West, Moises Martinez-Hillsboro, Parker Bernsen-West, Bryan Castaneda-Hillsboro, Luis Fuentes-Hillsboro, Rocklin Ginnett-Italy and Jeff Bernsen-West.

Green Stripes grading for Green Belts were Ruben Montes-Hillsboro, Antonio Procopio-Italy, Ryan Riojas-Hillsboro, Adam Riojas, Caleb Girard-Hillsboro, and Michael Gonzalez-Italy.

Green Belts grading for Blue Stripes were Keaton Pustejovsky-Abbott, David Ha-Grandview, Miguel Fuentes Jr.-Hillsboro, Seo Young Ha-Hillsboro, R. J. Flournoy-Whitney, and Clayton Tribble-West.

Blue Stripes grading for Blue Belts were Antwone Romero-Whitney and Michael Russell-Italy.

Blue Belts grading for Red Stripes were Miguel Deluna-Hillsboro, Roy Gallardo Jr.-Hillsboro, Jacob Divin-West, Jayson Orr-Hillsboro and Tanner Marak-West.

Red Stripe grading for Red Belt was Arlee Fossett-Hillsboro.

Red Belts grading for Black Stripes were Maddie Strickling-Whitney, Esteban Ramirez-Hillsboro and Luis Rodriguez-Hillsboro.

Black Stripe grading for Double Black Stripe was Jacob Young-Hubbard.

Double Black Stripe grading for Black Belt Candidate was Alejandro Sanchez-Hillsboro.

Black Belt testing for 1st star was John Drennan-Grandview.

Black Belts testing for 4th star were Isamar Perez-Italy and Mario Perez-Italy.

If you would like more information about this Tae Kwon Do program call 254-582-5111, or email [email protected]. Classes are available each Monday, Wednesday and Thursdays at 4:45. 5:45 or 6:45 p.m.

The first three classes are free and parents are always welcome to come and watch. If you would like a packet of information including a free DVD just call or email and ask.