Rocklin Ginnett earns 3 foot trophy


Academic Achievement Awards were recently awarded at the Hillsboro Unified Tae Kwon Do School’s June grading. Rocklin attends Italy ISD and has earned his first 3 foot trophy.

For the past 18 years the Hillsboro TKD School located at 125 W. Elm Hillsboro, Texas has awarded many students, who are excelled in both martial arts as well as academics, 3 and 4 foot trophies. Each student is asked to bring in reports cards at the end of each six weeks. All A or A’s and B’s earn stickers, pins, medals and finally the ultimate goal a 3 or 4 foot trophy. Students are awarded these 3 foot trophies for A’s and B’s and 4 foot trophies for all A’s if ALL A’s or A’s and B’s or maintained all school year.

Pictured is Master Charles Kight, chief instructor of the Hillsboro TKD school, Rocklin and Grand Master Park co-founder of Unified TKD.

If you would like information about our academic program and our TKD school, feel free to call 254-582-5111 and be sure to visit our web-site