Phone or Email scams

Due to a recent rise in telemarketing scams and fraud we wanted to let you know that we are aware. Numerous citizens have called in recently with similar stories and scenarios. The majority of the scams begin with one of the following comments or statements.

1. You have been chosen for a prize.
2. You recently visited a website and you were selected as a winner to receive the following offer.
3. This is Fed-Ex or UPS and we have been trying to deliver a package to you for quite some time.
4. In order to receive your $12,000.00 we just need you to send us $900.00 and then they provide either an address or account number.

Please do not respond to any of these bogus claims or offers. We have attempted to contact the phone numbers in which the calls are coming from however; it is a voice over internet phone line coming from a foreign country.

If you do get a phone call feel free to contact the Italy Police Department 972-483-6414.