CD Release Concert & Homemade Ice Cream Contest at The Cornerstone


“Meet at the Well,” the worship band for the Celebrate Recovery ministry of Italy, is releasing an album of praise music for the recovering soul. The nine-track album has music from the three-piece group that has led worship together for two years right here in Italy.

This Sunday night, June 28, at 6 pm at The Cornerstone, 205 E. Main Street, we are having a fun family event for the whole community to release the CD. Come and enjoy the music and sample some great ice cream. You can even bring your own homemade recipe and enter it in the contest. CDs are available for a donation of your choosing. All proceeds from the CD go to support the Italy Food Pantry, the Celebrate Recovery Ministry, and the Cancer Care Ministry in Italy.

[[ Click here for a sampling of their music ]]