Box Tops Earn Money for both Italy Campuses


Recently, Italy middle school has enrolled in the Box Tops for Education program. There are many, many products that participate in the Box Top program. You see them on some cake mixes, cereals, soups, box dinners, value pizzas, bathroom tissue, trash bags…the list is long (see attached 2-page flyer). Many community members clip these Box Tops and save them to turn in to the school but sometimes forget to do so. Others throw them away because they don’t realize their value.

Each Box Top is worth 10¢ for our campuses, and they do add up if everyone pitches in. The secondary campus has a goal of bringing in 5,000 Box Tops by February 15th, 2016, and then would like to double it by the end of this school year. If each student (6-12)contributed 6 Box Tops about every 30 days, the goal could be reached. Stafford also collects Box Tops.

Please remember to take an extra 30 seconds to clip Box Tops off of participating products. It can be a big help for our schools. Send them to school with a student or bring them by and drop them off at either campus office. Thank you so much for your help!