Italy Police Department is asking for our help

Image: Italy P.D. would utilize this vest in active shooter or hostage situations.

Italy P.D. would utilize this vest in active shooter or hostage situations. (Submitted photo)

Cameron Beckham, Italy Chief of Police, is asking the community to help the department purchase two special vests for added protection for our officers.

“This is not a city based fundraiser. We would rather have the community help us fund this project. The city issues each of our officers a Level 3 body armor vest for them to wear while they are on duty for their protection,” said Beckham. “The department is asking for donations from businesses and individuals in the Italy community so we can purchase two additional vests.”

The officers wear vests under their uniforms to protect them while they are on duty. The new vests would additionally be worn over their uniform for extra protection during active shooter or hostage situations. The officers on duty would keep the new vests in the police car so they are readily available if the situation presents itself.

Each vest cost between $476 and $600. The department is asking the citizens to donate what they can so the vests can be purchased. The vests provide Instant protection for high-threat, active shooter situations. Point Blank’s Level IV Active Shooter Kit includes two 10″ × 12″ stand-alone rifle plates and a tactical plate carrier. Wear it alone or over concealable armor for increased protection.

Make checks payable to Italy P.D. Vest Program and drop them off at the Italy City Hall or mail them to P.O. Box 840, Italy, TX 76651. If any funds are available after the vests are purchased, the money will be utilized for training for the officers.

Please “Back the Blue” and help fund the vests our officers need to stay safe. They protect us every day – it is time for us to give back to them.